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Developing team members has always been a desirable goal, both for those in the veterinary hospital environment and those who serve it. These days, with low unemployment and changing workforce demographics, upskilling and development are more important than ever. Consider how COVID, hybrid/remote work, technological advances, globalization, etc. affect your team.

After all the dedication of creating a great team, how do we build and retain it, particularly through skills development? Sending staff to conferences for CE, skills enhancement, networking, and some diversion is a classic means. Self-teach options abound, particularly online at little or no cost. Manpower reports that 57% of workers are “currently pursuing training outside of work.” Key gaps in company-provided training include: relevant skills, career advancement, and staying competitive in the job market.

Surprisingly, SHRM suggests that the largest companies are doing a poor job. Maybe this is because far too often, training doesn’t work and we think this is primarily due to the person not having the natural talents needed for this skill.

We recommend that you work closely with team members to uncover their individual training and development desires based upon their natural talents. How can you facilitate this pursuit? How can you partner? We can help.

Jeff Santosuosso

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