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COVID-19 Study

The new Brakke study tracks Impact of COVID-19 On Pet Owner Behavior and Purchasing.

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Us Flea Control And Heartworm Markets

Small animal parasite control continues to be one of the largest market segments in animal health.


The Experts in Animal Health

Brakke Consulting is the leading and most established consulting firm that specializes in the Animal Health and Nutrition industries – both companion and farm animals and the veterinary industry that serves both.

We uniquely combine several attributes that no other firm can offer. Our consultants are senior-level executives from the animal industry, we conduct our own market research, and we have over a 30-year track record of success.

Whether you are in a large global animal health company or a small start-up company, whether you are an investor or a financial analyst, Brakke consultants can assist you with:


Strategy development, sales, marketing and operational improvement, and management problem solving


Industry insights, data generation, market research, and competitive intelligence


Merger, acquisition, divestiture, alliances, licensing and due diligence


Weekly newsletter, Industry overviews and updates


Executive search,
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Brakke Consulting News

April edition of AgriMarketing with Brakke Consulting’s President Robert Jones

Even if you are not in the animal health or agricultural industries, you know the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these segments.  In the April edition of AgriMarketing, a panel of leaders were asked to contribute to the cover story that details the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the agricultural industry – and one of those was Brakke Consulting’s President Robert Jones, who focuses on the impact of the virus on the Animal protein production. In his article, Dr. Jones mentions “at Brakke Consulting, we have been watching trends in the animal health industry for more than three decades and feel that people’s behaviors caused by events like this often accelerate trends already underway.” To read Dr. Jones’ complete article, as well as the other industry leaders that contributed, click here.  

Impact of COVID-19 On Pet Owner Behavior and Purchasing

Pet industry leaders will be able to monitor the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn on pet owner purchasing and pet care thanks to a new tracking study from Brakke Consulting.. Read More…

New report profiles the US flea, tick and heartworm markets
(December 12, 2019)  A new study from Brakke Consulting takes an in-depth look at flea, tick and heartworm products, the largest segment of the companion animal market. Read More…
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2020 Industry Overview

2020 Industry Overview

What do industry consolidation, CBD and African Swine Fever have in common?  They are all important topics covered in Brakke Consulting’s annual Industry Overview...

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