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It was great being back to being in person at VMX and WVC this year. To learn more about our Industry Overview and purchase a copy of the WVC Presentation, click here.


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2022 Pain Management Study

This report includes an overview of acute and chronic pain in small animals, a review of products currently used to treat pain in dogs and cats, and estimates of US sales and prices of leading pain management products. Click here to learn more.


The Experts in Animal Health

Brakke Consulting is the leading consulting firm in the animal health and nutrition industries: companion animals, farm animals, and the veterinary industry that serves them.

No other animal health consulting firm can match our team of senior-level executive insiders, our internal market research expertise, or our track record of more than 35 years of consulting at the heart of the industry. 

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Brakke Consulting New Multi-Client Study: Cancer Study in Cats and Dogs- Coming September 2022

The report is a valuable overview of a high-interest segment of the veterinary market. It provides the reader with an overview of the veterinary oncology market, including prevalence rates; an explanation of the delivery chain for cancer diagnosis and treatment… Read More

Brakke Consulting New Multi-Client Study: Equine Mega Study V- Released August 2022

This major equine market survey examined the buying behaviors of horse owners by industry segment and by behavioral segment. Based on 1,000 respondents in a random national survey, the report examines purchasing frequency by brand and by type of outlet, including veterinarians, Internet/catalog suppliers, event exhibitors and brick-and-mortar retail outlets… Read More

New Brakke report provides in-depth look at veterinary home delivery providers

The Veterinary Home Delivery Report contains key information about companion animal veterinarians’ approach to providing the convenience in purchasing veterinary products demanded by their clients. To learn more about the report, click here.

Brakke Consulting New Multi-Client Study: Pain Management Products for Dogs and Cats, April 2022

This report includes an overview of acute and chronic pain in small animals, a review of products currently used to treat pain in dogs and cats, and estimates of US sales and prices of leading pain management products. The report also includes results of a survey of 359 veterinarians… Read More

Brakke Consulting Announces the 2022 Industry Overview at VMX and WVC

We are back to being in person!  Come join us at Brakke Consulting’s annual Industry Overview presented at VMX and WVC next year.  The animal health industry managed quite well through the COVID-19 pandemic and many of this year’s drivers will have long-term implications. Read More

US Flea Control and Heartworm Markets, December 2021

Small animal parasite control continues to be one of the largest market segments in animal health.  To read more click here.

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We should not give up on developing a MLV vaccine for ASF.
In recent meetings with R&D leaders of domestic and international animal health companies in China, the topic of a modified live virus (MLV) vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF) was often discussed..
To read Jishu Shi’s full viewpoint, Click Here. 


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Last week, Staying on the topic of viruses, last week we asked our readers about COVID-19, now that we are over two years dealing it.  Interestingly, 50% of the respondents have not had COVID-19 yet, while 35% had it once and 15% has had the virus more than once.  The CDC estimates that there have been 92 million cases of COVID-19, which is about 27% of the US population.  Many think this may be an undercounting of cases, which our small survey would suggest, due to the frequency of home testing.

This week,

This week, let’s stay with viruses and COVID-19.  With the fall season approaching and given the previous seasonality peaks of the virus, do you plan to get vaccinated (or boosted) this fall?

Thank you