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Ron Brakke

Ron is an industry veteran with over 40 years in the animal health, pet and veterinary business.  In his career he has been involved in dozens of transactions representing both the buyer and the seller. The majority of Ron’s time in the firm is spent on assisting senior management clients in new business development, either buying or selling a company or brokering new technology.  In addition, Ron is involved in the recruitment of senior executives in the industry for numerous companies, and coordinates and participates in a wide variety of consulting projects.

Contact Ron Brakke at 972.243.4033 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Joel Adamson MBA

Joel Adamson specializes in business development and marketing assignments, especially those involving products for companion animals.  His background and recent work gives him strong skills and insights that are especially useful in assisting clients considering new market channel entries, exploring intellectual property licensing opportunities, seeking industry insights, and handling due diligence work.  He brings extensive experience in various over-the-counter channels (OTC) and consumer packaged goods to assignments.

Contact Joel Adamson at 402.215.5635 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Cary Christensen DVM

Cary Christensen has over 25 years of experience in the animal health industry and 16 years as a practicing veterinarian.  He also holds an executive masters agreement in swine medicine from the University of Illinois.  Cary’s expertise is in sales, marketing, technical support and business development, particularly in the food animal and equine market segments.

Contact Cary Christensen at 913.205.6578 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Lynn Fondon DVM, MBA

Lynn Fondon specializes in managing market research projects and developing market segment analyses, and has over 20 years of experience in conducting both primary and secondary research. Her background as a practicing veterinarian offers clients a resource with an understanding of both the business and medical aspects of the animal health market, as well as an invaluable perspective of veterinary medicine.  She is also the editor of Brakke Consulting’s weekly electronic newsletter.

Contact Lynn Fondon at 336-396-3916 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Randall (Randy) Freides, MBA

Randy has almost 29 years of corporate finance experience at Merck & Co., Inc in both the human and animal health business segments. While at Merck, he provided financial support to Merck’s Human Health commercial operations in Japan, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Most recently he was the North America Commercial Finance Lead for Merck Animal Health (2011-2018) assisting the sales and marketing organization develop go-to-market strategies, product launch plans, promotion programs, financial/operational forecasts and budgets and analyze external growth initiatives in addition to his statutory financial reporting and financial/business control responsibilities.

Contact Randy Freides at 908-256-1020 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Robert Jones, Ph.D.

Bob has had a thirty-year career in animal health and is experienced in leading commercial organizations in the US and in international markets, particularly emerging markets, and knows both the companion animal and food animal segments. Bob will focus on general and strategic consulting with attention on assisting Brakke clients in assessing their sales forces and improving their competitiveness through people as well as products.

Contact Bob Jones at 336-456-0583 or info@brakkeconsulting.com.

Jay Lockhart

Jay is an experienced project manager whose background includes sales and marketing experience in the pet food, livestock feed, and veterinary markets. His work with Brakke focuses on executive search and both proprietary and multi-client market research project management.  Examples include the design and management of major multi-client market research projects such as the Manufacturers’ Sales force Effectiveness and Distributor Effectiveness Studies that are used by many clients as benchmarking tools.

Contact Jay Lockhart at 314.821.3368 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

John Mannhaupt MBA

John concentrates his activities on business analysis, transactions, and recruiting assignments.  His financial background makes him the go-to person for evaluations of businesses and technologies that are either looking for a new owner or seeking to enter the market.  He provides a quantitative slant on major strategic decisions.  John also specializes in recruiting assignments for positions that are particularly challenging to fill.

Contact John Mannhaupt at 336-396-3916 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Michael McGinley, Ph.D.

Mike is a 35-year veteran of the animal health industry in the vaccine, pharmaceutical and diagnostics segments for both food and companion animals. He has a proven history of success in product development, regulatory affairs, new business development, and manufacturing operations leadership.  Mike will assist Brakke clients with science and technology assessments and provide guidance along the product development pathway from proof of concept to commercialization.

Contact Mike McGinley at 970-893-0518 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Kevin Scott

Kevin has over 35 years of experience in both the companion and food animal segments of the market. His background includes sales and marketing management along with extensive experience in product evaluation, licensing and acquisition. His work with Brakke has included competitive benchmarking, product and market evaluations, executive search and strategic consulting for a number of companies. Kevin can assist Brakke customers in new product potential, market entry and competitive landscape.

Contact Kevin Scott at 847.471.4461 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

John Volk

John Volk is an expert analyst and project manager.  With deep experience in the companion animal, equine and food animal markets, he regularly assists clients with strategy development, evaluation of business opportunities, and due diligence on potential acquisitions.  John is also one of Brakke’s most experienced market research experts, managing both proprietary and multi-user studies.  He is particularly noted for authoring two landmark reports on the business practices of veterinarians that are widely referenced in the profession.

 Contact John Volk at 773.327.4941 or info@brakkeconsulting.com

Atsuo Hata DVM (Japan)

Atsuo Hata has served over 50 years in the animal health industries in Japan. His analysis and information on the Japanese market as well as Far East countries has a reputation for reliability in working with major and minor global animal health companies. He specializes in marketing, market analysis, regulatory affairs and new business development as a veterinary consultant.

Contact Atsuo Hata

Yuki Ujimasa DVM (Japan)

Dr. Yuki Ujimasa received his doctor of veterinary medicine and also holds a master in science from Hokkaido University in Japan. As owner of his company AHRMS and through his work with Brakke Consulting, he has deep experience in registering product approvals, business licenses, and foreign manufacturing accreditations in Japan, and has supported multi-national animal health companies in entering Japanese markets. Dr. Ujimasa has also provided veterinary practitioners with webinars, new product information, and veterinary news on the Internet through his company Vm3, and frequently lectures and writes for the Japanese animal health industry. Dr. Ujimasa has also served as a member of VICH Expert Working Groups and as a chairman of a consortium for Japanese veterinary medicinal product manufacturers.

Contact Yuki Ujimasa

Dr. Jishu Shi (China)

Dr. Jishu Shi received his doctor of veterinary medicine from the Beijing/China Agricultural University in 1985. He also holds a master’s in science from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a doctorate in immunophysiology from Kansas State University.  Dr. Shi is a full professor for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University and also the director of the U.S.-China Center for Animal Health, which is a training center for the improvement of Chinese animal health education and research. Through his company VaxiAm, Dr. Shi is currently helping Chinese animal health companies to set up research and development laboratories in the U.S., to evaluate new technologies and products that can be licensed for use in China, and to identify international business partners for animal health markets in China and the U.S.

Contact Jishu Shi 

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