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With deep insights into nearly every animal health product or service category, Brakke’s Market Research gets you the answers you need.

Brakke Consulting is widely respected for its animal health market research and veterinary industry studies.  From determining pet owner and veterinarian attitudes and usage patterns to identifying and analyzing emerging trends, we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else in animal health.

Animal health companies of all sizes rely on our custom market research and multi-client studies when making strategic decisions. And for more than 30 years, Brakke Market Research has been at the heart of landmark industry studies that are still the gold standard in the veterinary industry.

We have deep expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, unmatched experience in the animal health and veterinary industry, and the industry’s largest survey panel. 

We have extensive experience in primary and secondary market research in the veterinary market, with pet owners and with livestock producers.  Our market research capabilities include online and telephone surveys and in-depth focus groups. We use the most appropriate methodology to gather the data, then analyze it to identify the actionable insights.

Whether you’re considering a product launch plan or an entirely new business strategy, or trying to understand emerging trends in the animal health industry, you can rely on Brakke Market Research for a better understanding of the issue. 

A Brakke market research report not only generates unique insights from thorough data analysis, it also delivers the in-depth context and big-picture perspective that will help you  make wise decisions and take effective action.

What kind of market research do you need for your decision?

Contact us to find out more about how our market research services can strengthen your decision-making.


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