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Brakke Consulting’s dedicated Executive Recruiting team is uniquely positioned to partner with animal health and nutrition companies through it’s combination of unmatched industry knowledge and individualized service so that you are able to find the right person for your team.

And finding that right person is actually getting harder, despite all the social media and work-related media, like LinkedIn, that can be accessed today.  Our team can cut through the clutter, saving time and money, and find the right match for your important hire.  Sometimes, you need an expert, a human to help.

Our Process

Our process begins with an in-depth meeting – in person, online, or by phone. We define your needs, both skills and experience, providing a written summary to confirm these needs. We also take the time to understand the culture of your company and learn how important cultural fit is for your company. Then the search begins. We use all tools appropriate for your search. These can include our database of resumes, inquiries on our website,, and, most importantly,  our network of consultants and contacts experienced in all aspects of the animal health and nutrition industry.

We refine the candidate list and present an agreed-upon list to you, which includes our own written summary and qualitative assessment of each candidate. That package also includes a fit and alignment description of each candidate based on a proven talent evaluative tool. We are available to help you assess, choose, make an offer to, and hire your best candidate.

Services Available

  • Position Description Writing
  • Compensation Framing
  • Networking, Outreach, and Recruiting
  • Candidate Presentation
  • Qualitative Fit and Alignment Assessment
  • Offer Tendering and Negotiation

We work with you one-on-one to ensure you hire the very best candidate based on your specific needs.

What Makes Brakke Consulting Special

  • Individualized Service – We dedicate one Consultant to lead your search, backed up by an experienced support team. We focus only on sales and executive search in animal health and nutrition.
  • Industry Reach – Our unmatched network of consultant who specialize in a wide array of functional, species, and geographical areas is typically one or two handshakes away from most key industry individuals, including those who may not be actively seeking but might find your position attractive.
  • Networking Capabilities – We draw upon our database of almost 5,000 candidates directly from appropriate industry professionals along with our weekly newsletter subscriber list of  animal health professionals. We can also post your position on Each of these assets saves you valuable time and pinpointing individuals with both the technical and industry experience you seek.
  • Specialized Assessment Diagnostics – For every candidate we present, we include an insightful and vetted talent profile which helps you find the right candidate that will fit the needs of the job.  
  • Discretion and Confidentiality – For over 35 years, with hundreds of clients and projects, we have earned our reputation for safeguarding your reputation and circumstances.



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