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Our team brings deals to fruition

Ranging from entire companies to technologies or licensing,
Brakke Consulting uses a systematic approach to get deals done.

Brakke Consulting has unprecedented experience representing individuals and businesses in a variety of transactions, from the buying and selling of entire companies to selected product lines and emerging technologies.

The systematic approach we use allows us to find the right partner or opportunity for you. We have experience in market assessments supporting deal prospects as well as creating business plans to meet specific objectives.

Brakke Consulting has played a central role in dozens of transactions over the past several years. We have devised a systematic approach that guarantees that the process goes smoothly. Our work plan is developed in conjunction with the owner so there are no surprises and the process goes forward in an organized fashion.

Brakke Consulting’s experience means that we can quickly find the partner who is the best fit for a technology or business. Our staff has expertise at setting appropriate values on both existing businesses and new technologies. For buyers, we offer an approach path to target properties that may not be widely known in the industry.





"Brakke Consulting Animal Health News & Notes” provides a summary of relevant articles, as well as the Brakke Consulting Viewpoint on the news and major industry meetings. The newsletter is available at no charge to individuals involved in the animal health industry.
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