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When buying or selling a business or licensing a technology, you want the process to go smoothly. Especially in the case of family-owned or closely held companies, you only get one chance to get it right when it comes time to sell. You want a consulting resource that is confident that the transaction can be completed. At the same time, you want someone who will keep your information and the process confidential. Finally, you need someone who is competent to get the results you desire.

Brakke Consulting has played a central role in dozens of transactions over the past several years. We have devised a systematic approach that guarantees that the process goes smoothly. Our work plan is developed in conjunction with the owner so there are no surprises and the process goes forward in an organized fashion.

Brakke Consulting’s experience means that we can quickly find the partner who is the best fit for a technology or business. Our staff has expertise at setting appropriate values on both existing businesses and new technologies. For buyers, we offer an approach path to target properties that may not be widely known in the industry.

Click here for a list of selected transactions that Brakke has conducted in the recent past.

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