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Brakke Consulting has been an integral part of landmark studies on the veterinary profession for more than 30 years

The leaders in the veterinary and animal health industry have trusted Brakke to run their ground-breaking studies for more than 30 years. We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else in the industry, and it shows in our work. Brakke market research has been at the heart of the following studies, considered the gold standard in the veterinary industry.

Merck Animal Heath Veterinary Wellbeing Study (2018)
A ground-breaking study measuring the prevalence of mental illness and level of wellbeing among veterinarians. The study highlighted the negative effects of social media and financial pressures on veterinarians’ mental health and offered suggestions to improve their overall wellbeing.

Veterinary Economics-Veterinary Pet Insurance Financial Health Study (2013)
The first study to examine veterinarians’ household income and debt, not just their practice revenues and personal salaries. The research revealed widespread financial concerns of many veterinarians and veterinary practices.

Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study (2011)
Addressing a timely concern in the veterinary industry, this study identified and documented the root causes for a marked decline in visits to veterinary clinics and offered ideas to help reverse the trend.

AVMA Pfizer Business Practices Study (2004)
This pioneering study documented that veterinarians in all clinical areas had not implemented the business practices that most effectively drive income,. The study also identified a widening gender-related salary gap in veterinary medicine.

Brakke Management and Behavior Study (1998)
Bringing data to inform a major debate in the veterinary industry, this landmark study showed that poor management capabilities and discriminatory pricing, not personal characteristics, limited the incomes of companion animal veterinarians.

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