The Experts in Animal Health

After attending the successful KCAHC 2023 Animal Health Summit in Kansas City this week, it is clear that innovation in the animal health space is very healthy.  What was even more encouraging, was the breadth of the innovation from these start-up companies, spanning pet therapeutics and livestock vaccine technologies, to implantable electronic devices and several technologies monitoring animals for early identification of discomfort or disease.

To me, start-ups are definitely improving their communication. Clearly defining the problem they are solving, clearly explaining how it is achieved and then clearly illustrating the benefits to the pet and the pet parent or the guardian of food producing animals was the norm.

It is also very clear that a great supporting base exists today in the USA, from consultants able to assist with go to market strategies to engineering firms with great experience to solve design issues and manufacture items locally.

Finding funding and the right talent were almost universal for these start-ups. It was encouraging to see a substantial number of private equity and venture capital firms looking for investment opportunities. Moreover, several of the big animal health companies are actively considering early-stage investment in these companies in order to drive innovation.

I look forward to seeing these companies succeed and commercialize their concepts, some which are very close to launch. And thanks to Kimberly Young and Emily McVey for another fantastic Animal Health Summit.

Lourens Havenga

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