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Brakke Consulting’s recent Pet Medicines Home Delivery Study revealed one-quarter of vet clinics in the US don’t have an online store offering home delivery service for pet medicines.  The belief for these clinics seems to be that online store sales equate to less profit for the clinic.  Not so fast.

Traditional inventory management entails significant overheads including storage, handling, dispensing costs, expiration risks, administrative time, and theft coverage. All of this must be factored into the mix. However, these costs are often not mentioned when talking about margins for products sold in-clinic vs. products sold through the online store and drop-shipped from a distributor or home delivery provider.

By partnering with distributors for direct-to-client shipments and leveraging the convenience of home delivery service, veterinary clinics can reduce expenses and offer pet owners more a personalized service. This model not only reduces financial burdens but also enhances operational efficiency, freeing up valuable time for core veterinary services.  More importantly, nearly all pet owners say home delivery significantly improves compliance for pet medicines.

By offering pet owners the options of buying products in the clinic and through the online store, veterinary clinics can capitalize on giving pet owners the medicines they need while walking out the door and help capture the inevitable replenishment purchases while they’re at home.  If you need help with home delivery strategies, we can help.

Richard Hayworth

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