The Experts in Animal Health

Traditionally, veterinary practices have been the leading purveyors of both prescription and non-prescription animal health and nutrition products.  With the advent of Internet sales, that pre-eminent position was seriously challenged.  In reality, it’s one of the most dynamic, rapidly-changing issues in the animal health industry.

Today’s newsletter includes several items relevant to this topic.  In the earnings section, Covetrus and PetMedExpress compete directly or indirectly on one side of the market for home delivery or the other.

This newsletter also features the announcement of a new report that sorts it all out – the Veterinary Home Delivery Report.  This study provides detailed information on the percentage and growth in number of veterinary practices that offer online sales and home delivery, which service providers they use, satisfaction with those service providers, growth rates of online sales, percentage of clients requesting prescriptions for third-party pharmacies, and substantial additional information.  It’s well worth a read and contains a lot of actionable information if you’re involved or invested in animal health product sales.

John Volk

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