The Experts in Animal Health

In a recent viewpoint, John Volk wrote about the Western Vet Conference in Las Vegas and how attendance was nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.  I too was pleasantly surprised at the turnout.  As I walked the convention floor, the largest companies were prominent with their mega-booths.  What amazed me was the number of small and mid-sized companies displaying their products and services to support the animal health industry.

There were numerous instrument, diagnostic, exam room equipment and clinic supply companies displaying their products.  However, what struck me the most was the number of companies promoting services and technologies to help drive efficiencies in the clinic and to assist with a clinic’s financial needs.  Technologies to drive efficiency have become more and more critical as the industry continues to suffer from labor shortages both in terms of veterinarians and for support staff including vet techs.  Stress levels appear to be at all-time highs in the industry both with vets and vet techs.  In the absence of a wave of quality labor supply, clinics will continue to turn to technology to help handle the surging patient volumes.

I hope the efficiency tools help deliver the benefits that were promoted to ease some of the stress the industry is facing.  The need is now.

Randy Freides

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