The Experts in Animal Health

Recently I attended the 91st WOAH Congress in Paris, which in fact was the 100th anniversary of the organization( formerly known as the OIE). At the event, a new Director General was selected and she is Dr. Emmanuelle Soubeyran. Dr. Soubeyran is the Chief Veterinary Officer in France and amongst her many experiences and attributes, has been very strong in being pro-vaccination on controlling HPAI. In fact France is the only country currently vaccinating, albeit in the duck population. Let’s hope she can bring that support the global level as the HPAI causes serious challenges to both domesticated animals and wildlife. In my opinion, the only way to get this under control is through aggressive vaccination.

In fact, Transboundary and Emerging diseases, under the broader subject of Veterinary Public Health, represents one of the greatest threats, but also one of the greatest opportunities, for our industry. To provide solutions to threats like HPAI, which is a major threat to global food supplies; or rabies, for which the leading cause of death in human rabies comes from exposure to disease infected dogs, is what we as an industry can provide.

However, companies struggle with the vagaries associated with this activity, and try (incorrectly) to apply traditional private models for business operations. It takes a different approach and willingness to be successful. And our customers and the general public expect this from us. How is your company doing in the VPH segment?

On a final note, take time off this summer to enjoy friends and family. Turn off social media and enjoy the quiet. You think it is crazy now- just wait as we get closer to elections this fall!

Paul Casady

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