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Those of us in the USA celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, July 4th.  Here in our country, as well as in so many countries around the world, we’re surrounded by division and polarization as the political noise level increases.  Independence Day is a perfect day for us to remember that we have the privilege to disagree, to dissent, to protest, to argue; but all the while we are united by so much more than the petty differences that we hear so much about.

We are united in our knowledge that we are a free people; free to practice our beliefs, free to hold opinions that matter to us, free to say what we choose and free to take action on our beliefs and opinions within the framework of laws that we have created in the almost 250 year history of our Republic.

I intend to focus more of my attention on our common good and less of it on political argument.  I am proud of my country, and I will continue to be.  On Independence Day I celebrate every American who has fought to keep America free, and I resolve to help solve our problems, not to seek division and separation.  The citizens of the USA and all free countries around the world deserve nothing less.  Happy Independence Day!

Jim Kroman

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