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In recent weeks I have been visiting corporate offices and cannot help but notice how empty some of them are. As we recover from the pandemic and are now in the endemic part of the story, will there ever be a return to the days when people went to offices to work and did not operate in the virtual Zoom world. While many people I asked desired a return to that environment, they were also quick to point out the joys of flexible work arrangements – especially those with long commutes. And no doubt the cost of gasoline is now replacing Covid as a reason not to drive to the office every day. In the end, will companies and employees come to an appropriate compromise that encourages good work performance- while meeting the new expectations for the remote work opportunity?

Another observation is that the last couple of years has made many of you think differently what a ‘successful’ career would look like. Work/life balance was really brought back into perspective and many people have reengineered what they are defining as success. How about you? It’s perfectly natural to stop and see if you are headed where you want to be after what we’ve been through. If you haven’t done this in a while, it’s always good to stop and really look hard at your career/life balance and make sure you are headed where you want to go. And you may be surprised by the outcome!

Paul Casady

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