The Experts in Animal Health

Happy New Year!

Recently I attended the VMX convention in Orlando. I thought the overall attendance was excellent and more importantly, the positive attitude of our industry was clearly on display for all to see. I really believe we can show great leadership in helping our country move from the ‘pandemic’ to the ‘endemic’ state as it is time to get on with our livelihoods. We humans are social animals and we need the interface – as much as vaccines – so as to ensure a positive mental state for keep having overall better mental and physical health.

At the Brakke Industry overview, during a panel of industry leaders we asked them what worried them the most right now. One of the consistent answers was workforce shortages. My challenge to you is: we can help solve our own problem and be strong ambassadors for our industry during these difficult times. Let’s all go out and help recruit people to join the animal health profession right now. It’s the best profession, in my opinion!

Paul Casady

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