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This newsletter contains news of a worrying development for the US poultry industry; a reminder that highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been found in commercial poultry operations in Indiana, Kentucky, and now in a backyard flock in Virginia.  The last substantial outbreak of HPAI occurred in 2015, and resulted in a significant cull of chickens and turkeys in the US.  The current findings of HPAI come at a time when US wholesale broiler/fryer prices as reported by the USDA / ARC are already over 50% above pricing at this same time in 2021.  Let’s hope that discipline in infection control will succeed in extinguishing this outbreak among US growers.  The whole animal production industry suffers when consumers are bombarded with news about health concerns in our food supply chain.

Have a great week!

Jim Kroman

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