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Let’s face it, many of us have called or have been called team members after hours. A call before dark is one thing, but when’s the limit? California has proposed a “Right to Disconnect” law which calls for fines of $100 if your manager calls you after the latest hour you set. (The draft proposes a fine after 3 calls.) Australia’s similar law is about to go into effect. France, Canada, and other countries already have these on the books.

There are exceptions: emergencies, scheduling changes that would take place in the next 24 hours, etc. Remote employees working for a CA company would also be included. (Spring forward, fall back?) Not surprisingly legislators point to intrusions on personal time having increased during COVID.

Most of us can take a practical approach to this issue, and it seems that nearly every manager tries to minimize after-hours intrusions. But there are exceptions. Would you support a law to this effect?

Jeff Santosuosso

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