The Experts in Animal Health

As my colleague Bob Jones shared recently, we attended the Kiasaco Animal Health conference recently in London. It was very well attended and kudos to organizing in conjunction with an executive meeting for Health For Animals, which as a result meant a lot of the company CEO’s were in attendance.

The program was very good, but there was some concern over the consolidation of these sort of events, and also the availability of general market information. Dominant companies may show predatory behavior in pricing, or simply cancelling out anyone they perceive as competition. For example, you can no longer subscribe to the old ‘Animal Pharm’ newsletter, if they deem you as competition. One of the only real global market surveys, CEESA, is only available to subscribers that have sales.

While this may have made some sense in the past when we were a ‘cottage industry’, today we have a >$40B industry with large, publicly traded companies. And we are attracting serious interest from private equity and other sources of funding which is critical for investing in innovation.

My view is that we need to make industry events and market information more available so that we continue to support the growing interest and investment in animal health. What is your company’s position?

Paul Casady

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