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Distributor Effectiveness Study, December 2017

The 2017 Distributor Effectiveness Study is a follow-up to the previous biannual studies. The study utilizes a quantitative survey of over 1,000 companion animal veterinarians to identify what they view to be the most important traits of a distributor, and to have them rate the performance of distributors that serve their practices on approximately 50 business activities and measures.

Some of the key data that is presented in the report include:

  • Practice demographics and purchasing preferences information
  • Performance ratings for key distributors for 11 company level attributes, 19 field sales representative attributes and 6 inside sales representative attributes, as well as overall performance of the company, field sales rep, and inside sales rep.
  • Percentage of accounts purchasing from each distributor nationally and by each of 5 geographic regions
  • The “Share of Customers’ Wallet” captured by each distributor nationally and by each geographic region
  • Inferred market shares for individual distributors reported nationally, by geographic region and by practice size
  • Regression analyses to identify key drivers of a high overall distributor company performance rating, a high overall field sales representative performance rating, higher product purchase levels and likelihood of recommending company to another veterinarian.
  • Information will be summarized at the national and regional levels. Selected data will also be summarized by practice size.

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