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Companion animal parasiticides represent the single largest market segment in the US Animal Health market.  Estimates peg the prescription portion of this market segment at approximately $7.0 billion at the retail level.  As a result of this market opportunity, many of the animal health companies look to innovate and introduce new products and technologies into this segment.

The latest innovation introduced into the US market are triple combination products providing convenient flea, tick and heartworm protection in a single monthly chew.  Simparica Trio was the first to market and has been a huge success.  On July 20, 2023, Boehringer announced the approval of Nexgard Plus.  What’s next in this market segment?

On May 1, 2023, Merck Animal Health announced the approval of Bravecto Quantum in Australia, the first injectable flea and tick product, providing 12 months of coverage with a single dose to our furry family members.  Convenience, compliance combined with efficacy appears to be the direction that the parasiticide market is headed.  Zoetis confirmed in their May 2023 investor day presentation that they are also working on long-acting injectable products.  The race is indeed on.

Will we see the transformation of this huge market from oral to injectable administration?  What will this do to the oral or topical parasiticides retail or home delivery business?  Have a crystal ball?

Will you switch from oral to injectable flea and tick products once the injectable parasiticides are approved for use in the US?

Randy Freides

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