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If you read this newsletter each week, you know we’ve been following the progress of Zoetis’ Solensia (frunevetmab) into the US market.  Although approved by the FDA in January 2022, it was just launched in the US by Zoetis this past week.

Solensia opens finally opens the osteoarthritis treatment segment for cats in the US; the product is predicted to be a blockbuster (>$100 million) when it matures.  Since the market for OA products in dogs has been a major driver of growth in the animal health industry over the past 20+ years, launch of the first OA treatment safe and effective for cats will have a strong additional effect.  Today Zoetis remains exclusively positioned to supply monoclonal antibody products in veterinary medicine.  We also expect to see the launch of Zoetis’ Librela (bedinvetmab) in the US to treat OA in dogs sometime in the next 12 months.

Market research conducted by Brakke in late 2021 showed >90% of veterinarians are likely to use Solensia, primarily in cats with OA that aren’t being treated with a prescription medication.  We believe that Zoetis has worked hard this year to create awareness of OA in cats.  Today this feline market is substantially underserved, so the Solensia launch will cause significant market expansion.  The OA market in dogs is of course quite crowded already, so the effect of the Librela launch may be less impactful, but still significant.  Time will tell.

Jim Kroman

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