The Experts in Animal Health

One of the fascinating things about the animal health industry is the opportunity for growth through developing new animal health technologies.  And there are opportunities around the world – Brazil is a good example.

Brazil is the fourth largest producer of tilapia in the world, producing 585,000 metric tons in 2022. The industry is still young, with a mortality rate of 40%. However, only 25% of fingerlings are vaccinated against major bacterial and viral diseases, including Streptococcus, Francisella, and ISKNv.

Professor Henrique Figueiredo of UFMG, in his presentation at the 2023 International Fish Congress, identified the following challenges for the development of tilapia aquaculture in Brazil:

  • The need for polyvalent vaccines
  • The development of oral and immersion vaccines
  • The development of vaccines that cover the antigenic and genetic variants of circulating pathogens
  • Technological solutions for the application of vaccines to large populations
  • Improved biosecurity measures and management practices
  • The use of other technologies to reduce the impact of diseases, such as tolerant tilapia strains, probiotics, and prebiotics

From vaccine development, vaccine delivery technology, genetic improvements, to health products delivered in feed – these are some of the opportunities in front of us for the advancement of farmed fish.  Oh, and just in case you didn’t know it, Brakke offers consulting services to the tilapia market.  Just ask.

Mauri Ronan Moreira

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