The Experts in Animal Health

For humans, wearable technology is something that has been around for a number of years.  The first Fitbit device was introduced in 2009.  Since then, the technology continues to evolve such that the latest Apple watch can detect heart rate changes as well as arrhythmias, far beyond just tracking steps and movement.

For pets, technology to track movement, location via GPS monitoring and temperature continues to gain traction.  In an interesting collaboration, two divisions under the Mars umbrella have collaborated to develop a canine activity tracker that tracks key health metrics such as a dog’s activity levels, eating and drinking times, and scratching and licking habits.  This provides pet parents with data-driven insights to detect potential health concerns, monitor and manage chronic health conditions, and make data-driven decisions on the best way to care for their pets, including how to choose the best food to meet their dog’s nutritional needs.    Hello technology, meet marketing.

Given that our four-legged family members can’t vocalize when they are not feeling well, technology provides an easy and convenient way to gather data, provide potential early insights to potential illnesses and improve the overall health of our furry companions.  Maybe the next tech breakthrough will be a voice box that vocalizes what your dog is thinking when they look at you with their head tilted sideways…you never know. Well,  you may not want to know.

Randy Freides

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