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This week we published the latest edition of our annual Pain Management Products report.  It’s a fascinating time in the market segment, thanks to the launch last November of Zoetis’ Librela, a monthly monoclonal antibody injection for treating osteoarthritis; and that of Solensia – the feline equivalent – in late 2022.

This new class of pain management drugs has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of chronic pain.  Most veterinarians are already using monoclonal antibodies in their osteoarthritis patients. But how often are they reaching for them?  Are they stand-alone treatments, or part of a multi-modal protocol? Will Librela completely replace the use of NSAIDs in treating osteoarthritis? Is Solensia creating a new market, much like Rimadyl did so when it was launched in the 1990’s?

Our Pain Management Product report answers these questions and more, with direct feedback from our 350-veterinarian survey as well as PIMS-based dispensing data as of April 2024. If your company is part of the companion animal pain management market, you won’t want to miss out on the valuable insights in this report.

Lynn Fondon

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