The Experts in Animal Health

Recently the French government announced a tender for securing vaccines for controlling High Pathogenic Avian Influenza in the national flock. This is critically important, in that taking this positive step to control this important disease through a much more scientific and humane approach is the right approach in my opinion. The historical method of slaughter of millions of birds when we have effective tools – and as we are also faced with critical food shortage and cost – only makes sense.

On another note, it seems to me that there is an unusual amount of turnover in senior positions at the leading animal health companies. Where once there was almost benign stability, almost every quarter goes by with a big announcement. I’m not sure what is exactly causing this, but I guess part of is due to the role of being a publicly traded company and be seen to addressing performance issues. But it is not limited to those companies, but in fact is happening throughout the industry. Once seen as a stable environment for leadership and careers, now apparently much more turbulence and unpredictability. Eventually it affects the whole company in some manner, and maybe eventually customers. How is it in your company?

Paul Casady

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