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Telemedicine in Veterinary Practice: What’s the Future?
Technology continues to reshape our lives, it’s no surprise that the veterinary industry is also embracing digital solutions, and as the sun sets on pandemic-era telemedicine regulations, a new dawn emerges for veterinary medicine. With California, Colorado, and Florida lifting restrictions, we stand at a crossroads—a moment to ponder the trajectory of telemedicine in our industry.

In general, telemedicine refers to the use of technology to remotely deliver health information, education, or care, and the COVID crisis increased focus and accelerated demand – especially in human health. However, the animal health industry, has been slow to embrace it’s use, and the jury seems to still be out on its future.

So, what are the overall upsides and hurdles?

The Upside

  • Accessibility – Telehealth bridges geographical gaps, allowing rural pet owners to access expert advice.
  • Convenience – No more stressful car rides for anxious pets—consultations happen from the comfort of home.
  • Efficiency – Faster diagnoses mean quicker treatment decisions, better follow-up after in-clinic visits.
  • Client Education – Telehealth educates pet parents in preventive care and behavior management.

The Hurdles

  • Vet to pet owner relationship is critical – Telehealth must complement, not replace, in-person visits.
  • Regulations – State laws vary and navigating them can be complex.
  • Privacy and Security – Protecting sensitive data is paramount.

As the industry adapts, collaboration between veterinarians, telehealth providers, and regulators will be key. We must tread carefully, ensuring technology enhances, not replaces, our connections. Will telehealth help enhance the care delivered by veterinarians?  Will it help bring more pets into veterinary care?  We will see soon in a few States.

Richard Hayworth

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