The Experts in Animal Health

This week’s newsletter is chock full of items about new technologies, new products, new investments, new initiatives, and new collaborations – strong evidence that these are exciting times in animal health.

But not everything in our industry is bullish.  The University of Minnesota recently published market research that showed the strength of the plant-based movement.  31% of consumers said they would eat more plant-based protein over the next 5 years, and 36% said they were concerned about the environmental impact of animal production.  Although 80% said they preferred beef, pork and poultry as their protein sources, 20% did not.  To me, these data are surprising, and sobering for animal agriculture. And they don’t even address the growth in milk substitutes!  While I support people’s right to choose plant-based diets, we have to keep in mind that they reduce demand for meat, and thus animal health products.  It motivates me to grill some steaks this weekend.  You know, to help the industry.

John Volk, Senior Consultant

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