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In December, I attended the United Against Rabies(UAR) forum in Paris. Take look at their website. This group, which is supported by the FAO, WHO, and WOAH, uses a One Health approach in bringing together governments, vaccine manufacturers, researchers, NGOs and development partners around the goal of eliminating all human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030. Up to 99% of human rabies infections are caused by a bite form a rabid dog.

Especially in developing countries around the world, domestic and feral dogs comingle with human population creating the opportunity for potential exposure. This group focuses on helping to develop global, regional, and local strategies to help countries conduct effective national campaigns to vaccinate as many dogs as possible, thereby reducing or eliminating the chance of disease spread.

This people are very committed and do some great work. I personally through the years have been to the Favelas in Brazil, the ‘squatter towns’ in the Philippines, and the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai. In each case you see the challenge for One Health commitment in the most difficult of conditions and I applaud the UAR effort.

The Animal Health Industry needs to be very active and committed to Veterinary Public Health. There are many ways to make an impact, talk to your company to see what is possible!

Paul Casady

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