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This week I attended Viticus Group’s 96th WVC Annual Conference in Las Vegas.  Like VMX earlier this year, the attendance was impressive and there was robust foot traffic in the Exhibit Hall. I spoke with several exhibitors, all of whom were extremely pleased with their engagement with veterinarians at the conference.  There were also many interesting lecture topics, including one I attended recapping Operation Ukraine, which is providing veterinary care to animals in Ukraine in the midst of a war. Congratulations to Viticus for a great event.

Brakke also presented our annual Industry Overview at WVC, with over 80 attendees.  We thank everyone for your interest in hearing our thoughts on how the industry fared in 2023, and where we believe it’s going in 2024. And a huge “thank you” to our panelists Dr. Dan Markwalder and Dr. Christine Royal for sharing your insights with us.

If you are interested in the Overview but weren’t able to attend at either VMX or WVC, we are happy to present it personally to your management team, or you can purchase the recording – just reach out to Amanda McDavid ( for more details.

Lynn Fondon


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