The Experts in Animal Health

Two of the major industry trade shows take place in January: VMX and IPPE, both of which I was fortunate to attend.

At the VMX, there was much enthusiasm and interest as the industry continues its evolution back to the ‘normal’ days post-COVID. Companies seem cautiously optimistic, although I heard several reports of cost controls implemented in Q4. I always find this tactical move interesting — by the time Q4 rolls up, and if you are not on target for either revenue or expenses, good luck! It’s like trying to stop an ocean liner.

The IPPE was also full on and well attended, especially a large contingent from LATAM. Concerns over HPAI are at the forefront of many producers, but non-vaccination still seems to be the position of many countries. In the face of widespread events and more cases of HPAI jumping species, it could be that the industry takes a pro-vaccination action — not due to poultry sanitation, but more to the environmental effect on other animals.

On a last note, the VMX was apparently well attended by executive leadership from many companies. Conspicuously, the same leadership was not readily visible at the IPPE. In my view, AH leadership needs to recognize the importance of livestock by showing visible support and interest for our customers in attending these key food animal events – not just the big companion animal conventions. Revenue and profits from the animal production segment have been a solid foundation of our industry in the past, and will continue to be so in the future. People have to eat!

Paul Casady

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