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Which country around the world has the highest ratio of veterinarians per capita?  If you said Lativa, you’d be right.  Latvia has a population of 1.9 million people and has 129 veterinarians per 100,000 inhabitants.  Which country is second?  That would be the country where I am from, Brazil, which has 77.4 veterinarians per 100,000 inhabitants, or 166,119 practicing veterinarians in a population of 214 million.  By contrast, the average across Europe is 38 veterinarians per 100,000 inhabitants.

Brazil may be experiencing a new boom in veterinary medicine, with the development of new veterinary specialties and a consequent increase in the standard of care for dogs and cats. This is a great opportunity for companies in the sector.

Despite this, there is a worry that there are too many veterinarians in Brazil.  Many feel that this oversupply has led to stiff competition for jobs, lower salaries, and a decline in the quality of veterinary care.

Perhaps the oversupply of veterinarians is starting to impact younger veterinarians as a recent study shows a much greater level of dissatisfaction with their veterinary medicine coursework than older veterinarians.  It would be a shame that as Brazil’s resilient economy strengthens and veterinary services for pets improves, veterinarians are more unhappy.

Mauri Ronan Moreira

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