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Pet owners like to shop around…and that’s ok.

One of the leading big box retailers recently studied shopping habits of customers who regularly purchase pet products and discovered there seems to be no “one stop shop.”

For example, Ms. Jones buys toys, treats and grooming products at the big box retail store.

After seeing the daily commercial that runs during her favorite tv show, Ms. Jones enrolled in an online Auto-Ship program offered by popular website so she can have large bags of dog food and cat litter shipped right to her door.  She likes the discounted price, convenient next day delivery and not having to carry these heavy items home.

She buys cat food, treats and collars from the neighborhood pet specialty store because she likes the cat-friendly owners and wants to support local business.

Sometimes, she buys pet stuff at the grocery store if there’s a big sale.

Heartworm medicine, vaccines and any prescriptions are purchased from ABC Animal Hospital because Ms. Jones has taken her pets to Dr. Smith for decades and trusts his staff will help with any questions or issues.

Today’s pet parents tend to buy products from a variety of places based on many factors including individual preferences, generational group, income level, type of pet and product category, among others.

In short, there may be an omni-channel mega-store offering “all pet services and products under one roof” and people will continue buy the pet products they want from all the places they like based on a plethora of personal preferences.

Richard Hayworth

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