The Experts in Animal Health

In the newspaper business, this would be called a “slow news day.”  Perhaps it’s a reflection of spring break season.  Or maybe many are distracted by the NCAA basketball tournaments.  Exciting stuff, eh?  Regardless, the items in today’s newsletter are important in their own right, and reflect the expanding role of technology in animal health.

Another item notes that the American Association of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine has published a new report on the future need for veterinarians.  It’s an important topic that’s getting a lot of attention.  Clearly the 2020-2022 period was a bubble of veterinary demand and workforce shortages caused in part by the fact that the government pumped $5 trillion (yes, trillion) into the economy during the pandemic. People had money to spend and pets got lots of attention.  Since then veterinary visits have started easing back a bit, and the percentage of veterinary practices with openings has declined, according to our most recent survey.  But the veterinary job market is still strong.  The fact that a dozen universities have announced plans to start veterinary medical colleges also introduces a new wrinkle.  I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve heard on this topic.

John Volk

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