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I am writing this in the early days of April, but we are finishing now the period of what we call ‘March Madness’ for the college basketball championship tournament period. For me, one of the most exciting sports events of the year. It’s always especially interesting to see who the ‘Cinderella team’ turns out to be (hopefully the NIL and transfer portal will not damage this event, but I have my concerns).

Every year it seems that a group of people start believing in themselves, so much so that they overcome all odds to defeat teams that appear better, at least on paper. And from my view, this starts with the coach who is inspirational, but also helps the players perform at their best levels with a clear winning strategy. How about you and your company? Are you that sort of leader, and does your company provide that leadership?

‘March Madness’ also occurs in business, when we look at performance at the end of Q1 (March) and compared to budget: you are either ahead (good conservative planning), on target (lucky), or behind (oops). And if you are in a publicly traded company, the noise starts, both positive and negative.

How are you doing at the end of Q1? Do you have a realistic plan the rest of the way?

Paul Casady

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