The Experts in Animal Health

The lingering effect of the COVID Period and returning to normal has created a lot of discussions recently. As we still face a virus that continues to evolve, we can learn much from the Poultry Industry, which has been battling coronavirus (Infectious Bronchitis) since its isolation in 1931. The first variants were later identified in 1956, and evidence of rapid evolutional ability of the virus has resulted in dozens of known variants that have shown up all over the world. Today it is still considered one of the major disease threats to poultry. But successful vaccine development through the years has helped control the impact of the disease and is always on the forefront of research and monitoring by academia and companies.

In today’s environment with a new focus on ‘One Health’ there could be an excellent opportunity to conduct research and vaccine development between human and veterinary pharmaceutical companies to combat Coronavirus. After all, animal health has a lot of experience to share with our human colleagues.

Paul Casady

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