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Brakke Consulting
Transaction Insights: Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Business Deals in Animal Health
Wednesday, August 28th | Kansas City

Are you seeking to navigate the complex landscape of buying and selling businesses or technology in the animal health and nutrition industry?  Given the success of last year’s relaunch, we are excited to announce our educational transaction seminar for 2024, tailored specifically for animal health professionals.

It’s more than just due diligence – we will help you unlock the secrets to successful deals in animal health. This one-day comprehensive seminar is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to make informed decisions and to successfully manage a transaction in the animal health industry.

Presenters include Senior Brakke Consultants Jim Kroman, Paul Casady, and Randy Freides. The Seminar will be held on Wednesday August 28th, immediately following the KCAHC Animal Health Summit in Kansas City. Click here to sign up today and receive a discount.

For more information, contact Amanda McDavid at or 336.396.3916.


  • Patterson Companies, Inc. reported operating results for its fiscal 2024 year ended April 27, 2024. Reported net sales in the Animal Health segment were $4.067 billion, an increase of 2.6% year-over-year (internal sales growth of 1.3%). (company press release)

2024 Animal Health Summit
August 26-27, 2024
Location: Midland Theatre | Kansas City, MO 

Registration is now open for the 2024 Animal Health Summit.

Register today! The Animal Health Summit features two days of networking, 1:1 business partnering, industry thought leaders, panel discussions, speakers and emerging company presentations. Learn more


  • Huvepharma announced the opening of a new veterinary vaccines plant in Bulgaria, following an investment of $77 million. The facility will produce vaccines for birds, cattle and pigs for both domestic and international markets and expects that 99% of the output will be exported to over 100 countries. (com)
  • Covetrus has laid off an unspecified number of employees as part of a restructuring. (
  • Accord Animal Health announced the launch of Vivinicord Chews, a new dental therapy. The combination of astaxanthin, fucoidan, and indigo in Vivinicord Chews helps prevent gum infections, freshens breath, and lessens the accumulation of plaque and tartar. (com)
  • The FDA warned Toltrazuril Shop and Linessa Farms to stop advertising the antiprotozoal drug toltrazuril to prevent or treat either coccidiosis or equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) in animals for which the drug has not been approved. Toltrazuril is approved outside the US for control of porcine neonatal cystoisosporosis, but the FDA has not approved the drug in the US for pets or farm animals. (AVMA SmartBrief – Powder & Bulk Solids)
  • GlobalVetLink (GVL) announced the launch of SmartCert Technology. Utilizing patented document-embedded capabilities, GVL SmartCert Technology provides end-users with advanced protection against fraud, tampering, reproduction, and modification of their animal health certificates. (prnewswire)
  • PURE Bioscience, Inc., creator of the patented non-toxic silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) antimicrobial, and AgroVet Alliance (AVA) announced a multi-year international supply and license agreement for the purchase and selling of SDC products under special terms and conditions. AVA will add the SDC family of products to an existing network of distributors and customers in the Middle East and North Africa. (com)
  • Bimini Pet Health announced the launch of a new division dedicated to providing pet supplements specifically for veterinary clinics. The first veterinary-only products include CanGastro (previously GastroPro-C) for digestive health support in dogs; FelGastro (previously GastroPro-F) for the support of digestive health in cats; Bimini Brites for maintaining a healthy oral cavity; and TransformaDerm for maintaining healthy skin in dogs. (The Connector)
  • Likarda, Inc. and Cold Chain Technologies, LLC (CCT) announced a new exclusive licensing agreement that will combine Likarda’s patented hydrogel technology with CCT’s expertise in advanced cold chain products and digital solutions to enhance the transportation and storage of biological materials and therapies. (company press release)
  • Boxie announced the launch of the new Glo litter box formula that is designed with patent-pending UV crystals to guide cats to their litter box. The Glo design also prioritizes paw feel and scent attractants to further entice cats to use the litter box. (DVM360)
  • Jefo Nutrition introduced a new Animal Handling hub on the company’s educational stressors resource center, (company press release)
  • CHINA Zhengye Biotechnology Holding, a Chinese provider of veterinary vaccines with a focus on livestock, announced terms for its IPO. The company plans to raise $6 million by offering 1.3 million shares at a price range of $4 to $5; the IPO float is just 2.7% of basic shares outstanding. It plans to list on the Nasdaq under the symbol ZYBT. (com)
  • JAPAN Carelogy, in collaboration with researchers from Nihon University, developed an AI-driven app designed to monitor the health of cats by detecting pain through facial expressions. The app underwent a major update in January 2024, transitioning to a paid service. (Pet Products Smartbrief – com)



  • US – DRUG APPROVAL The FDA announced the first of a series of five public meetings to provide educational sessions for stakeholders who are interested in the new animal drug approval process. The first educational conference will be held on July 17, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Attendees can join in-person or virtually. For more information, please see the meeting webpage.  (FDA)

Recently I attended the 91st WOAH Congress in Paris, which in fact was the 100th anniversary of the organization( formerly known as the OIE). At the event, a new Director General was selected and she is Dr. Emmanuelle Soubeyran. Dr. Soubeyran is the Chief Veterinary Officer in France and amongst her many experiences and attributes, has been very strong in being pro-vaccination on controlling HPAI. In fact France is the only country currently vaccinating, albeit in the duck population. Let’s hope she can bring that support the global level as the HPAI causes serious challenges to both domesticated animals and wildlife. In my opinion, the only way to get this under control is through aggressive vaccination.

In fact, Transboundary and Emerging diseases, under the broader subject of Veterinary Public Health, represents one of the greatest threats, but also one of the greatest opportunities, for our industry. To provide solutions to threats like HPAI, which is a major threat to global food supplies; or rabies, for which the leading cause of death in human rabies comes from exposure to disease infected dogs, is what we as an industry can provide.

However, companies struggle with the vagaries associated with this activity, and try (incorrectly) to apply traditional private models for business operations. It takes a different approach and willingness to be successful. And our customers and the general public expect this from us. How is your company doing in the VPH segment?

On a final note, take time off this summer to enjoy friends and family. Turn off social media and enjoy the quiet. You think it is crazy now- just wait as we get closer to elections this fall!

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Last week, we asked how you feel about phone calls. 37% of you said you usually call without sending a text beforehand; 32% first send a text to see if someone is available for a call. 16% of you purposely avoid phone calls, relying on texts and emails; 9% only call people you already know; and 6% really like Zoom/Teams to communicate.

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