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I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “You Can Tell Rover He’s a Bad Dog From 3,000 Miles Away”.  I laughed at some of the video clips attached to the article.  The article highlights how technology, and the use of home video cameras are being used to monitor pet behavior while we are out of the house or at work.

I find this a complete violation of pet privacy.  What happens when left alone adds to the surprise when you return home.  Gone are the days when you come home to find the trash strewn over the kitchen floor, pillows and shoes being shredded and plants being knocked over.  What has this world come to?

In the article pet trainers are asked how best to eliminate bad behaviors.  Scolding your dog or providing treats to distract them from their bad behavioral choices might not be the best approach.  They say the attention gained during periods of bad acting reinforces that behavior.  Trainers suggest talking to your pet when they are behaving well and reward proper behavior vs. negative reinforcement of bad behavior.

Technology is all around us: GPS tracking, remote treat dispensers, video cameras, etc. Our pets can’t get away with sneak attacks on the garbage pail or worse yet, the Christmas tree any longer.  I only hope governments don’t take extreme measures, implementing laws protecting the privacy of our pets while they are home alone.

Randy Freides

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