The Experts in Animal Health

This week Paul Casady and I attended the Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe event held in London, which was held by Kisaco Research.  This was the ninth event held in Europe and nearly 600 people attended.  Once again, this was a great opportunity to hear about our animal health industry, what challenges we face in the future and what new innovations are on the horizon.

Many of the topics covered at the meeting were discussed by panelists, who also answered questions from the audience.  A few topics deserve mention here, like one on the role of artificial intelligence will play in animal production presented by a representative of Microsoft.  In particular, one of the future challenges will be to bring all this data together so that producers will not be overwhelmed with bits of pieces of information.

Another topic for a panel discussion was “Dual Impact: Strategies to Mitigate Methane Emissions in Ruminants and Increase Productivity”, which was expertly led by Paul.  I pleaded for him to joke about bovine belches, but he didn’t.  Instead, he and the panel challenged us to think not with an “or” frame of mind, but with an “and” frame of mind when it comes to the environment and animal protein productivity.

Thanks to Kisaco, were able to learn more about the future of our industry and see friends that help make this a great industry.

Bob Jones

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