The Experts in Animal Health

I might not be the best judge of vibes, but there was a pretty good vibe going on this week at the NAVC’s VMX veterinary expo in Orlando.  The event was well attended, again over 27,000 attendees, and many people felt that we have finally moved on from the disruptions caused by the pandemic − business was back to normal, like the old times.

Unlike the old times, the convention show floor seemed to have moved on to new, bigger times – there were some amazingly large, open, airy, and welcoming booths that were attracting lots of visitors.  These booths were full of technology, from large screens to personal digital interactions, aiming to educate and inform.  Companies have been changing to open and technology-driven booths for years now, but the number and size of them seemed noticeable this year.

But, as many readers know I like to say, “it’s all about people” and this is why VMX is always a great way to start the year.  Between old and new colleagues, reunions of people from companies that don’t exist any longer, and new companies entering the animal health industry, this is a great people event as we all begin a new year.  If you missed VMX, you have one more chance… see you next month at Viticus’ WVC.

Bob Jones

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