The Experts in Animal Health

Innovation seems to be the at the forefront of 2023. Last week, we heard about the first-ever vaccine for honeybees (from Dalan Animal Health); and the first-ever injectable pentosan approved for equine osteoarthritis (from Anzac Animal Health). This week, Zoetis’ Solensia was launched, along with several novel regenerative therapies.

Much of the innovation in today’s animal health space seems to originate from startups rather than the established animal health leaders. While Solensia’s development was completed by Zoetis, the technology was acquired when Zoetis bought biotech startup Nexvet Biopharma several years ago. The other products mentioned were all developed by animal health startups.  It’s exciting to see so many new products, especially those that represent new solutions to unique challenges.

I’m looking forward to attending next week’s VMX meeting, and learning what other innovations are coming our way.

Lynn Fondon

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