The Experts in Animal Health

We are getting close to the end of earnings release season and with only a couple of the top companies left to report, it’s looking like the global animal health industry grew just a bit over 5% in 2022 versus 2021, correcting for exchange rates.  This seems like tepid growth compared to the growth in 2021, which we estimated was 12%, but in reality, we are back to normal growth rates now.

This topic and more were covered in our annual Industry Overview, which was presented this week and the Western Veterinary Conference held in Las Vegas.  Thanks to all those that attended the Overview during WVC and previously at the VMX.  Both conferences were very well attended, and the trade show floor seemed very busy – all seemed better than normal.

I would also like to thank all our panelists who offered their ideas on “Managing AH Companies in Times of Uncertainty” – at WVC, Nicki Baty, from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, George Fennell, from IDEXX, and at VMX, Scott Bormann, from Merck AH, Kurt Green, from Vetsource, and Kevin Pohlman, from Patterson.  If you attended Overview, I am sure you picked up some great insight, from managing people, supporting customers and strengthening supply chains thanks to these remarkable leaders.

Bob Jones

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