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  • Elanco announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022.  Revenue was $1,177 million, a decrease of 8% on a reported basis, or a decrease of 4% excluding the unfavorable impact of foreign exchange rates, compared with the second quarter of 2021. Elanco reported a net loss of ($22) million, which is a significant improvement over the ($210) million loss in the second quarter of 2021. (company press release)
  • PetIQ announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022. Revenue was $252 million, a decrease of 7% compared to the second quarter of 2021. Accounting for the loss of distribution rights to a product line, net revenue decreased 2.8% for the quarter. Net income increased 16% to $4.7 million compared to $4 million in the previous year. (company press release)
  • Heska announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022.  Consolidated revenue was $64.7 million, flat compared to the prior-year quarter. North America revenue was $40.9 million, a 1% increase. Net loss attributable to Heska was $(5.2) million. (Prnewswire)
  • Better Choice Company Inc. reported financial results for the second quarter of 2022. Net Sales were $16.5 million, an increase of 50% over the prior-year quarter.  Net loss was $(4.4) million compared to net income of $24.8 million in the prior year quarter, due mainly to a $(29.3) million change in fair value of warrant liabilities. (Globenewswire)


Did you know that cancer is the #1 cause of death in adult dogs?  It’s also a leading health concern of dog owners.  So how is cancer addressed by the veterinary profession, and what kind of market is there for veterinary cancer therapies?

Brakke Consulting’s new 2022 Cancer in Dogs and Cats report includes information on the incidence, diagnosis, and treatment of the common veterinary cancers.  It covers currently approved veterinary therapies and those in development, as well as estimates of the numbers of pets treated.

The study includes a survey of 300 general veterinary practitioners about incidence of cancer and frequency of treatment; as well as a survey of 1,000 pet owners to determine what they are willing to pay to treat a pet with cancer.

The report is available for pre-order for $7,995 until August 26, and will be published in September; after August 26 the price will be $8,500. For more information, please contact Dr. Lynn Fondon at


  • The ACCC is seeking views on a proposed court-enforceable undertaking offered by Zoetis in relation to its proposed acquisition of Jurox. The undertaking will divest rights to Jurox’s intramammary antibiotic for dry and lactating cows and teat sealant products for cows to a purchaser approved by the ACCC. (com)
  • Elanco announced in-licensing for a “first-in class feline diabetes product” from an unnamed partner. The daily oral medication is currently under US FDA regulatory review and is expected to be approved in the next 12 months. (IHS Markit– Subscription)
  • Mars Petcare announced the launch of its new line Nutro So Simple, featuring dog food and toppers formulated with simple, high-quality ingredients. (Petfood Processing)
  • The FDA asked Arrow Reliance to recall two lots of Darwin’s Natural cat food after salmonella bacteria was found in samples and the foods were linked to illness in three kittens. (FDA)
  • Polkadog, a pet treat company focused on sustainability, announced a partnership with Walden Local Meat , a direct-to-consumer meat-shipping program. As part of the collaboration, the companies will create a new, single-ingredient pet treat: Polkadog Pork Jerky. (Petfood Processing)
  • PawsCo Foods, a new pet food company, publicly launched August 3. PawsCo Foods created an entirely vegan food option made with plant proteins, including yeast, vegetable oil, fresh produce, and vitamins and minerals. (Petfood Processing-Subscription)
  • AmerisourceBergen is investing $150 million in a new VC fund, called AB Health. The fund will prioritize investments in startups focused on innovation in pharmacy and distribution, clinical development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and practice solutions. (Fierce Healthcare)




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We should not give up on developing a MLV vaccine for ASF.

In recent meetings with R&D leaders of domestic and international animal health companies in China, the topic of a modified live virus (MLV) vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF) was often discussed. Most of these company leaders do not believe that an MLV vaccine will be approved by the Chinese regulatory agency anytime soon. The major concern is the safety of MLV vaccines.

The danger of an ASF MLV vaccine has been clearly demonstrated by the unauthorized introduction of various attenuated ASF viral strains as experimental vaccines in China in the last few years. These “less-virulent” MLV strains caused more damage than the wildtype ASFV because the disease became clinical when pigs grew older and were stressed.

However, we should not give up the hope that a safe and efficacious MLV vaccine for ASF is possible. Afterall, the safe and efficacious C-strain Classical Swine Fever (CSF) vaccine is an MLV vaccine and it has been successfully used to control CSF in many countries in the last few decades. Because MLV vaccines are often administered once and are more efficacious (quicker onset of immunity and longer protection) than subunit vaccines, they are usually a more cost-effective tool for infectious disease prevention and control compared to other types of vaccines. If an MLV ASF vaccine has a similar level of safety and efficacy profile as the C-strain CSF vaccine for CSF, it should be approved for use in ASF control and prevention.

Jishu Shi

Last week, Staying on the topic of viruses, last week we asked our readers about COVID-19, now that we are over two years dealing it.  Interestingly, 50% of the respondents have not had COVID-19 yet, while 35% had it once and 15% has had the virus more than once.  The CDC estimates that there have been 92 million cases of COVID-19, which is about 27% of the US population.  Many think this may be an undercounting of cases, which our small survey would suggest, due to the frequency of home testing.

This week,

This week, let’s stay with viruses and COVID-19.  With the fall season approaching and given the previous seasonality peaks of the virus, do you plan to get vaccinated (or boosted) this fall?

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