The Experts in Animal Health


Wow – it’s hard to believe that 22 years has passed since we at Brakke decided that an industry-focused e-newsletter would be a good idea.  Our first newsletter was sent out in August of 1999 to about 200 subscribers.  As of December 15, we had over 6,700 active subscribers in more than two dozen countries, and many more readers view the newsletter online or see it forwarded from a colleague.

The industry has changed more than a little in the ensuing two decades.  The very first newsletter featured a “top 10” list that included the following: Merial; Pfizer; Bayer; Intervet; Fort Dodge; Novartis; Schering Plough; Elanco; Pharmacia & Upjohn; and Hoffmann-La Roche.  Who would have predicted back then that 9 out of 10 of those names would no longer be around in animal health 20 years later?!

Our first News & Notes was pretty brief compared to the newsletters in 2021, with only a half-dozen announcements.  It wasn’t easy to get news about our industry back then, and we felt we could serve an unmet need with a weekly news roundup.  Now, most of us are besieged with e-newsletters on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  We hope that our weekly digest continues to be of value by presenting the week’s important news in a way that allows you, our readers, to effortlessly stay caught up on the industry.

Thanks for your readership, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Lynn Fondon

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