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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for August 28, 2003
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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes
9/02 Dainippon Pharmaceuticals acquires Tanabe Seiyaku’s animal health business
9/02 Del Monte agrees to acquire H.J. Heinz’s pet food division
10/02 IDEXX Cardiopet acquires VetMed Telemedicine
10/02 Phoenix Scientific announced the sale of a controlling equity interest to Leonard Green &
10/02 AVANT Immunotherapeutics agrees to acquire the technology and IP portfolio of
Universal Preservation Technologies
10/02 Farnam Pet Products acquires the pet care business of Combe Inc.
11/02 Pfizer sells its Tetra aquarium and pond supply business to Triton Fund
11/02 Eisai sells its animal health business to Meiji Seika
11/02 Smithfield acquires Vall Inc. hog production company
11/02 Milkhaus Laboratory announces it will spin out Milkhaus Veterinary Products
12/02 Oil-Dri agrees to acquire the Jonny Cat litter business of A&M Products
1/03 Boehringer Ingelheim sells its Rabon insecticidal product line to KMG Chemicals
1/03 Mars acquires Spillers Specialty Feeds
2/03 DSM acquires Roche’s Vitamins and Fine Chemicals division
2/03 Lallemand acquires the agricultural business of SCOLR
2/03 Ceva Sante Animal acquires Swedish VetPharma
2/03 Cross VetPharm Group/Bimeda acquires certain assets of Anthony Products
3/03 Nutreco acquires a half-interest in Genex Swine Group to be merged into Nutreco’s
Hypor swine breeding company
3/03 Mars acquires Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc
3/03 Milk Specialties acquires Buckeye Nutrition
3/03 Neogen acquires Adgen Ltd of Scotland
4/03 Pfizer completes its acquisition of Pharmacia
4/03 The Iams Company acquires an 8.9% stake in Veterinary Pet Services, Inc., parent of
Veterinary Pet Insurance
4/03 Merial sells its ISA egg-layer breeding business to a consortium led by Natexis Industries
and O&C Partners
4/03 Farnam acquires the Sulfodene line of OTC skin treatments
4/03 Milk Specialties acquires the assets of Adell Corp.
5/03 AgD Nutrition acquires Color Guard vitamin D products from Alpharma
6/03 Aviagen is acquired by Advent International
6/03 ConAgra agrees to sell its chicken processing operations to Pilgrim’s Pride
6/03 US Premium Beef agrees to acquire the 71% stake in Farmland National Beef that it
does not already own
6/03 MiracleCorp acquires Stewart Pet Products
6/03 Butler announced the sale of all outstanding stock to Heritage Partners, Inc.
7/03 Degussa acquires all of Cargill’s share of their 50/50 joint venture Midwest Lysine
7/03 ViaGen Inc. acquires ProLinia Inc.
7/03 Smithfield Foods acquires Farmland Industries
7/03 Smithfield Foods acquires Global Culinary Solutions and forms Smithfield Innovation
8/03 PAI Partners sells its controlling stake in Ceva Sante Animale to Industri Kapital and
Ceva’s management
8/03 Smithfield acquires 90% of Cumberland Gap Provision Co.
8/03 Ridley Corp. acquires the assets and business of joint venture partner Heartland Inc.
8/03 Virbac acquires Delmarva Laboratories
9/02 Innovative Veterinary Diets launches Select Care Vegetarian Formula dog food
9/02 Farnam Horse Health launches Red Flex horse supplement
10/02 Pfizer announced FDA approval for A180 (danofloxacin) antimicrobial for beef cattle
10/02 Western Point announced the launch of the Estrus Alert patch for cattle
10/02 Heska and Dolphin Medical partner to bring Dolphin’s Pulse Oximeter to the veterinary
10/02 Veterinary Product Laboratories receives UL-approval for its Feliway and DAP
pheromone plug-in dispensers
10/02 Virbac Corp announced FDA approval for its Equell Paste ivermectin, to be marketed by
10/02 Hill’s Pet Nutrition launched Nature’s Best, an all-natural line of cat and dog foods
10/02 IDEXX launches LaserCyte Hematology Analyzer
10/02 Lallemand Animal Nutrition adds Adjulact Pro to its range of probiotics
11/02 Virbac receives FDA approval for Genesis Topical Spray (triamcinolone)
11/02 Bayer receives EPA approval for K9 Advantix (imidacloprid + permethrin)
11/02 INOBYS launches PetFirst Oral Care Formula
12/02 IDEXX and Roche Applied Science announce a collaboration to develop PCR-based
diagnostic assays for the veterinary market
12/02 IDEXX launches the Lyme C6 Quantitative Antibody Test
12/02 VMRD receives USDA approval for its Neospora caninum antibody test
1/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for an injectable praziquantel for dogs and cats
1/03 Novus International receives USDA approval for its Advent Coccidiosis Control vaccine
for poultry
1/03 Innovative Veterinary Diets launches Feline Dissolution Formula in Gravy cat food
1/03 Animal Care Training launches VetEd Tablet
1/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for lincomycin soluble powder for making
medicated drinking water for swine and poultry
1/03 First Priority receives FDA approval for a topical ivermectin product for use on cattle
2/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for levamisole soluble powder for making
medicated drinking water for swine
2/03 Fort Dodge receives full USDA approval for its West Nile equine vaccine
2/03 Wellmark International receives EPA approval for Altosid IGR Feed-Thru
2/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for oxytetracycline injectable for dairy cattle
2/03 Alltech launches FEB-20 nutritional supplement
2/03 VetCentric introduces CpakHW Plus, a single dose of Merial’s Heartgard mailed monthly
to dog owners
3/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for oral lincomycin for use in swine and poultry
3/03 ECO LLC receives FDA approval for topical ivermectin for use in cattle
3/03 Danisco Animal Nutrition and Diversa Corp receive FDA authorization to market
Phyzyme XP
3/03 VetKem discontinues production of Paramite (phosmet)
3/03 Vetoquinol USA launches Propalin (phenylpropanolamine)
3/03 PennHip analysis is transferred back to the University of Pennsylvania from Synbiotics
3/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for pyrantel pamoate in horses
3/03 Intervet launches Liberty equine insecticide (permethrin)
3/03 Oster Professional Products launches a line of equine grooming aids under the name
Equine Care Series
4/03 Merial licenses AspenBio’s diagnostic blood test that checks for open cows
approximately 18 days post-insemination
4/03 Farnam launches Mosquito Halts Repellant Spray for Horses and Mosquito Halt for dogs
4/03 Farnam Horse Products launches Tri-Care antibacterial wound care products with emu
oil and tea tree oil
4/03 Virbac launches C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine for dogs
4/03 Smart Drug Systems and Daiichi Fine Chemicals sign an agreement for marketing and
distribution of Extend-A-Cool treatment for tendonitis in horses
4/03 Merial receives FDA approval for Zimecterin Gold (ivermectin + praziquantel)
4/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for butorphanol tartrate injectable in horses
4/03 Schering-Plough acquires the US distribution and marketing rights for Daroclox, Amoxi-
Mast and Orbenin-DC products from Pfizer
5/03 Sound Technologies launches the TruDigital GE LogiqBook Ultrasound
5/03 Schering-Plough receives FDA approval for Zubrin (tepoxalin)
5/03 Veterinary Product Laboratories launches Mycodex Odor Neutralizer
5/03 Addison Biological Laboratory receives FDA approval for Neutersol (zinc gluconate
neutralized by arginine) for chemical sterilization of puppies
5/03 Pfizer receives FDA approval for injectable Rimadyl (carprofen)
5/03 Digital Angel receives FDA and USDA approval to market Bio-Thermo, a temperaturesensing
implantable microchip for pets and livestock
6/03 Merial launches the Merial Resistance ID test to determine horn fly resistance to
6/03 Felton International launches the Pulse 250 variable-dose needle-free injection system
6/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for acepromazine injectable
6/03 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for pyrantel pamoate in horses
6/03 Elanco receives FDA approval for Optaflexx (ractopamine) for cattle
7/03 Merial and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launch Metacam (meloxicam) for dogs
7/03 PR Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for Celerin and Celerin C (estradiol
benzoate) for cattle
7/03 West-Ward Pharmaceutical group receives FDA approval for oral phenylbutazone for
7/03 Hill’s Pet Nutrition launches Feline m/d diet for weight loss
7/03 Draxis licenses the European marketing and distribution of Anipryl (selegiline) in Europe
7/03 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for gentamycin/betamethasone/clotrimazole
7/03 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for oxytetracycline powder for making medicated
drinking water for swine
7/03 Bioniche receives FDA approval for oral phenylbutazone for horses
8/03 Merial launched Tetradure 300 (oxytetracycline) Injection for cattle at high risk for bovine
respiratory disease
8/03 Veterinary Information Network launches eVetSite Systems
8/03 Novartis Animal Vaccines receives a conditional license from the USDA for an equineorigin
antibody treatment for West Nile virus in horses
8/03 IDEXX launches the IDEXX-CR system
8/03 Pro Brands Ltd is launched to offer medical products and services to veterinarians
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