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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for October 12, 2005

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Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun!  Yes, it’s been six years since we started the weekly Brakke newsletter.  This six-year anniversary edition gives you a summary of the key events over the past 12 months.

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I must take this opportunity to thank Dr. Lynn Fondon for the weekly development of the newsletter.  We believe that our short summary industry newsletter, which can be read in just a few minutes each week, is one of the most valuable services we provide to our dedicated clients and friends.

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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes



9/04 Pilgrim’s Pride sells turkey processing plant to Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative, exiting turkey business
9/04 AVID Canada acquires PetNet Recovery Database from Anitech ID Systems
9/04 Ritchey Tagg of the UK acquires Maribo
9/04 ConAgra Foods sells its minority interest in Swift Foods to investment firm Hicks Muse Tate & Furst
10/04 Best AgriFund acquires Hendrix Meat Group from Nutreco
10/04 Smithfield acquires feedlots from ConAgra Foods
10/04 GeneThera acquires VDx
10/04 VCA acquires Sound Technologies
10/04 Neogen acquires the distribution business of German BAG
10/04 Patterson (Webster Veterinary Supply) acquires Milburn Distributions
10/04 Provimi acquires Slovakian petfood manufacturer
11/04 Smithfield acquires Polish Morliny from Campofrio Alimentacion
11/04 Aviagen acquired British United Turkeys America
11/04 S&M Nutec acquires Spotless Paw
11/04 GPC Pet Products acquires INOBYS from Yamanouchi Consumer Inc.
11/04 IDEXX acquires Vet Med Lab
12/04 CEVA acquires Turkish veterinary company DIF
12/04 Newport Labs acquires the CAVL autogenous biologic production business from Walco
12/04 MWI acquires VetPo
12/04 IDEXX acquires Dr. Bommeli from Intervet
12/04 Neogen acquires UriCon (phenylpropanolamine) Tablets from AgriLabs
1/05 Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) acquires United Industries
2/05 United Pet Group acquires Firstrax
2/05 ContiBeef and MF Cattle Feeding form a 50/50 joint venture
2/05 The Maschhoffs acquires the swine production assets of Land O’Lakes
2/05 Provimi acquires Ben pet food company in Poland
3/05 Leo Group announces management buyout of its veterinary products division, to be called VetXX
3/05 CowChips acquires DDx
3/05 Digital Angel acquires DSD Holdings
3/05 Sankyo and Daiichi Pharmaceuticals merge
3/05 Flexi-Mat acquires Global Pet Products
3/05 Creekstone Holding acquires majority interest in Creekstone Farms Premium Beef
3/05 Hartz Mountain acquires Harper Pet Products
3/05 Hartz Mountain acquires shed-care technology from Rapid Brands
3/05 Group Grimaud La Corbiere acquires Hubbard from Merial
3/05 Teikoku Hormone Mfg. Co and Grelan Pharmaceuticals merge to form Asuka Pharmaceuticals
4/05 Yamaha Nutreco Aquatech acquires Kirin Feed
4/05 Bovans Beheer acquires Nutreco’s 50% stake in Hendrix Poultry Breeders
4/05 SurgiVet acquires Global Veterinary Products
4/05 S&M Nutec acquires Pill Pockets
4/05 Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) acquires Tetra Holding from Triton Fund
5/05 Stolt-Nielsen and Nutreco merge their fish farming, processing and marketing and sales operations into standalone business Marine Harvest
5/05 Erich Wesjohann acquires the remaining shares of Aviagen from Advent
5/05 PAI Partners acquires the food ingredients business of Chr. Hansen Holdings
5/05 IVAX acquires Phoenix Scientific and merges it with DVM Pharmaceuticals to form IVX Animal Health
5/05 Central Garden & Pet acquires Pets International
6/05 Biovet acquires several feed additives from Intervet
6/05 MiracleCorp acquires the animal health products division of Capper Corp, maker of Equi-Block horse liniments
6/05 Ceva Sante Animale acquires Biomune
6/05 Takeda Pharmaceutical sells its stake in an animal health joint venture with Schering Plough to Schering
7/05 VCA acquires Pet’s Choice
7/05 The Butler Company and Burns Veterinary Supply complete their merger
7/05 Neogen acquires UCB’s dairy antibiotics testing business
7/05 Doskocil acquires Stylette Pet Products
7/05 CharlesBank acquires Walco from Bain Capital
7/05 Biovet acquires 2/3 of the assets of Actavis-Razgrad, comprising the veterinary medications and substances
7/05 Ethical Products acquires Vermont Style Chew Toys from Lambert Kay
7/05 Jakks Pacific acquires Pet Pal Corp. from Nanco
7/05 Teva Pharmaceuticals acquires Ivax
8/05 ConAgra Foods sells its remaining shares in Pilgrim’s Pride back to the company
8/05 MWI Veterinary Supply begins public trading
8/05 Intervet acquires AgVax Developments
8/05 Novus International acquires Nutrichlor feed supplement from NutriTech Solutions
8/05 Cal-Maine Foods acquires Hillandale Farms operations in Florida
8/05 Rosen’s Diversified and American Foods Group merge
8/05 Aviagen acquires British United Turkeys from Merial
8/05 Teachers Private Capital acquires Doane Pet Care
9/05 Royal Pet Meals acquires flavored waters
9/05 AgInfoLink USA acquires Animal Permanent Electronic Identification System Inc (APEIS)
9/05 Allied Capital acquires Healthy Pet
9/05 Spectrum Brands acquires Jungle Labs
9/05 Cargill acquires Beef Packers Inc, Fresno Meat Co, RPM Beef Inc, King-O-Meat Inc, and OreCal Transportation
9/05 IDEXX acquires ITS Innovative Technologies and Systems
9/05 Mars acquires Buckeye Feed Mills from MSC (Milk Specialties)
9/05 Eklin Medical Systems acquires Elinc Corporation


9/04 Merial licenses IGENITY OptiYIELD and ComponentMAKER genetic tests from BoviQuest
9/04 S&M Nutec launches Smart Trim nail clippers, Pnutz treats, Second Wind canine energy bars, Hip Chips treats, and Smart Chews nonedible chew toys
9/04 Novartis launches West Nile Virus Antibody under a conditional USDA license
9/04 IDEXX launches Equine Health Profile diagnostic tests
9/04 Vetri-Science Labs launches Vetri-Lean canine weight loss supplement
10/04 Advanced BioNutrition acquires market exclusive for Martek Biosciences algal DHA
10/04 Iams launches Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice formulas
10/04 KMG Chemicals introduces Rabon 3% Beetle Shield
10/04 Pet Naturals of Vermont introduces K-9 Carb-Down weight loss supplement
10/04 Teco Diagnostics launches Vet-9 and Vet-BUN diagnostic urine test strips
10/04 Heska introduces Feline UltraNasal Vaccines for upper respiratory disease
10/04 Schering-Plough receives FDA approval for using Banamine in lactating dairy cattle
10/04 Norbook Labs receives FDA approval for generic topical ivermectin in cattle
11/04 Elanco receives FDA approval for Rumensin in dairy cows
11/04 Virbac Corp. introduces C.E.T. Dental Reward treats
11/04 Virbac receives EU-wide approval to market Romidys (romifidine) preanesthetic for dogs and cats
12/04 Bioniche receives USDA approval to market Settle (mycobacterial cell wall) for treating Strep endometritis in horses
12/04 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica receives FDA approval for Metacam injectable in cats
12/04 Animal Health Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for oral sulfadiazine and pyrimethamine for treating EPM
12/04 Hill’s launches Prescription Diet Canine j/d for dogs with osteoarthritis
12/04 Merial launches Ulcergard (omeprazole) OTC equine ulcer preventative
12/04 Peptech launches Suprelorin (deslorelin) canine contraceptive in Australia
12/04 Colorado Serum Co introduces West Nile Virus Antibody, Equine Origin
12/04 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for generic furosemide syrup for dogs
12/04 Novartis launches J5 Shield vaccine against E. coli mastitis
1/05 Pfizer acquires exclusive rights to ImmuCell’s Mast-Out nisin-based mastitis treatment
1/05 Merial introduces PUREVAX recombinant non-adjuvanted feline leukemia vaccine with VetJet transdermal delivery
1/05 AgriLabs receives conditional USDA license for salmonella vaccine for cattle
1/05 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic lincomycin for swine and chickens
1/05 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for generic levamisole for cattle and sheep
1/05 Merial receives FDA approval for ivermectin meal for horses
1/05 Vetoquinol launches Enisyl-F lysine-based product for feline herpesvirus
1/05 IDEXX launches Urine P:C Ratio test
1/05 Intervet launches Vetsulin veterinary insulin
1/05 Schering-Plough announces the pan-European launch of Aivlosin antibiotic for treating mycoplasma pneumonia in swine
2/05 Nutramax Labs launches Welactin salmon oil supplement for dogs and cats
2/05 Neogen introduces ThyroKare thyroid replacement hormone
2/05 Farnam introduces D-Worm Tapeworm (praziquantel)
2/05 Tecnoquimicas launches Tickback, the world’s first successful tick vaccine for cows, in Colombia
2/05 DermaPet launches MalAcetic HC
2/05 DSM Nutritional Products acquires the exclusive marketing rights to MicroSource S and MicroSource 8818 from  Agtech Products
2/05 Dainippon launches Apinac Tablets (alacepril) ACE inhibitor for dogs in Japan
2/05 IDEXX launches HerdChek Swine Influenza H3N2 Antibody Test Kit
2/05 Med-Pharmex receives FDA approval for a generic phenobarbital and phenytoin solution for euthanasia of dogs
2/05 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for a generic ivermectin paste for horses
3/05 Pfizer begins selling Rimadyl through distributors
3/05 Pfizer receives FDA approval for intramammary cetftiofur for mastitis in lactating dairy cattle
3/05 Virtus Nutrition introduces EnerGI Transition Formula for transitional dairy cows
3/05 Synbiotics launches Flu Detect Antigen Capture Test Strip Kit, Serelisa PCV2 Ab Mono Blocking, and Serelisa PCV2 Ag Capture
3/05 Merial launches Gallimune Flu H5N9 vaccine, effective against H5N1 avian flu in poultry
3/05 AgriLabs introduces Mycomune bacterin for mycoplasma mastitis in cattle
3/05 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for a generic tiamulin for swine
3/05 Land O’Lakes Purina Feed launches Achieve premium pet food brand
3/05 Farnam enters an alliance with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed to create a signature equine feed and supplement brand
3/05 Lallemand receives FDA approval for Bova-Pro direct fed microbal for cattle
3/05 Fort Dodge reintroduces Hetacin-K Intramammary Infusion
4/05 Pfizer licenses equine feed-through fly control product from Triad Specialty
4/05 Bayer launches Advocate (imidacloprid+moxidectin)  flea and heartworm control spot-on for dogs and cats in the UK
4/05 Intervet launches Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) OTC dewormer for dogs
4/05 Schering-Plough launches Centurion vaccine for liver abscesses in cattle
4/05 Intervet launches Continuum DAP 3-year canine vaccine
4/05 Adisseo launches Metasmart methionine supplement
4/05 Farnam introduces Bio Spot for Cats One Step
4/05 Pfizer introduces estroPLAN (cloprostenol) for induction of luteolysis in cattle
5/05 Impax Labs receives FDA approval for a generic carprofen for dogs
5/05 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica and Merial terminate Metacam marketing agreement
5/05 Veterinary Products Labs introduces Tissumend  II Sterile synthetic absorbable tissue adhesive
5/05 GPS Tracks launches GlobalPetFinder GPS location devices for pets
5/05 Boehringer Ingelheim launches Sedivet (romifidine) for sedation of horses
5/05 Fort Dodge reintroduces Panalog ointment and cream
6/05 Greer Labs launches an ELISA test for allergen-specific IgE
6/05 Merial launches Previcox (firocoxib) for canine osteoarthritis
6/05 Farnam announces the addition of Simplifly with LarvaStop for equine fly control to its Equicare product line
6/05 Nutramax Labs introduces Marin for Dogs and Cats
6/05 Phoenix Scientific receives FDA approval for  embutramide, chloroquine, and lidocaine for euthanasia of dogs
6/05 Fort Dodge receives FDA approval for injectable moxidectin for cattle
6/05 Veterinary Products Labs introduces Duralactin Feline Liquid
7/05 Elanco registers Paylean in Canada
7/05 Hill’s launches Science Diet Indoor Cat food
7/05 IDEXX launches VetStat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer
7/05 Pfizer receives FDA approval for Draxxin (tulathromycin) for use in cattle and swine
7/05 Pet Ecology Brands launches improved Scientific Professional Cat Litter
7/05 DermaPet launches KlearWax ear cleaning solution
7/05 Farnam launches Z-No-Snag Tags with Laser Printing
7/05 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic lincomycin-spectinomycin for chickens
7/05 Fort Dodge receives USDA licensure for West Nile Innovator DNA vaccine
7/05 Veredus Labs launches a 4-hour avian influenza diagnostic test in Singapore
7/05 FLAVORx launches D-PAK water flavoring drops
8/05 Iams launches Iams Multi-Cat food
8/05 FDA issues final decision not to allow Baytril for use in poultry
8/05 Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for generic phenylbutazone injectable for horses
8/05 Dechra Veterinary Products launches Thyroxyl (levothyroxine) in the US
8/05 Pfizer launches Solitude IGR (cyromazine) feed-through fly control for horses
8/05 Sound Technologies launches LOGIQ Book XP
9/05 International Absorbents launches Healthy Pet line of cat litter
9/05 S&M Nutec launches Feline Greenies treats
9/05 Iams opens its third Pet Imaging Center
9/05 Lily & Me launches ThePetCheckup, an at-home urine health screen for dogs and cats
9/05 Bovigen launches GeneStar Quality Grade genetics test for beef cattle 
9/05 Vetoquinol USA launches Epakitin nutritional supplement to support renal function
9/05 Eight in One Pet Products launches Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer (fenbendazole) in the OTC market
9/05 Farnam launches Hoof Conditioner, Thrush Treatment and Hoof Sealant topical products to its Horseshoer’s Secret product line

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