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Brakke Consulting’s
Animal Health News & Notes for October 23, 2006
Special Anniversary Edition

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Editor: Lynn Fondon, DVM, MBA
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Selected news events from the past 12 months of Animal Health News & Notes
9-06   Animal Health International/Walco announces IPO
9-06   NBTY acquires Zila Nutraceuticals
9-06   Smithfield Foods announces offer to acquire Premium Standard Farms for $810 million
9-06   Evialis announces offer to acquire Trouw Nutrition’s feed specialty business in France
9-06   IDEXX acquires Golden Vet Laboratory of South Africa
9-06   Echo Healthcare Acquisition acquires XLNT Veterinary Care, parent of Pet DRx vet clinics
9-06   Bimeda acquires Material Technic
9-06   Provimi and Associated Feed and Supply jointly acquire Nutrius and Virtus Nutrition from NutriScience Technologies
9-06   AFB International acquires NuPetra and NuSci Laboratories from NutriScience Technologies
9-06   Bimeda, Divasa Farmavic, Fatro, Sogeval, Laboratoires Biove, Depharvet, and WDT announced the formation of Genevet
8-06   Pilgrim’s Pride announces hostile takeover offer for Gold Kist
8-06   Trouw announces offer to acquire Sloten
8-06   Bramtom Company acquires Tame Products
8-06   Smithfield Foods acquires Sara Lee’s European meat business
8-06   MiracleCorp acquires Hamilton Products
8-06   National Beef Packing acquires Vintage Foods LP
7-06   Leonard Green and Texas Pacific Group acquire Petco
7-06   capiton AG acquires H. von Gimborn from Sud-Chemie
7-06   Beaphar acquires Laboratoires Veterinaires ICC and Aves Product B.V.
7-06   Nutreco acquires 51% of Nutrikraft India
7-06   Henry Schein acquires Provet Holding AG
7-06   Agricore United acquires Hi-Pro Feeds
6-06   Mars acquires Doane Pet Care from Teacher’s Private Capital
6-06   Newsham Genetics acquires AusGene International
6-06   Provimi acquires Vita Distribution in Canada
5-06   DSM International acquires CRINA business from Intervet
5-06   Mach one acquires BioQual’s veterinary immunoglobulin business
5-06   SkyLynx Communications acquires VETCO Hospitals
5-06   IDEXX acquires VetLINK LLC
5-06   MWI acquires Northland Veterinary Supply
5-06   Virbac SA acquires Agrivet Farm Care from GSK India
5-06   Milk Specialties Company is acquired in a management buyout led by Stonehenge Partners
4-06   Alpharma acquires Extend-A-Cool from Smart Drug Systems
4-06   Trouw Nutrition acquires all shares of Beijing Dejia Animal Husbandry Technology
4-06   Mars acquires S&M Nutec
4-06   XL Foods acquires Swift’s non-fed cattle business
4-06   Henry Schein acquires NLS Animal Health
4-06   VETINVEST GmbH acquires Dr. E. Graub AG from Crucell
3-06   Farnam acquires Mrs. Allen’s Shed-Stop from Stabar
3-06   Central Garden & Pet acquires Farnam
3-06   Mach One acquires VDx
3-06   Del Monte acquires Milk-Bone from Kraft
3-06   KMG Chemicals acquires the US animal insecticide business of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
2-06   Del Monte acquires Meow Mix
2-06   Neogen acquires Centrus International from Eastman Chemical
2-06   Central Garden & Pet acquires Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods
2-06   Masterfeeds acquires DACO Laboratories
2-06   Nutro Products is acquired in a management buyout led by Bain Capital Partners
1-06   Doskocil acquires Aspen Pet Products
1-06   InVivo acquires Filozoo from Adisseo
1-06   HL Hall invests in Multimin USA
1-06   John C. Alborough Ltd acquires Vetstream
1-06   OurPet’s Company acquires Pet Zone Products
12-05 Biovet acquires Flavomycin, Sacox and Gainpro from Intervet
12-05 Patterson Companies/Webster acquires Intra Corp veterinary practice management software developer
12-05 Neogen acquires UCB’s dairy antibiotic testing business
12-05 Genus acquires Sygen International
11-05 Novartis acquires VetSuite software
11-05 Provimi acquires 80% of Russian ZOA Rybflotprom
11-05 Radio Systems Corp acquires Reilor Holdings, parent company of Staywell pet doors
11-05 Balchem Minerals acquires Chelated Minerals Corp
11-05 Provimi acquires Pet Hugaria Kft
10-05 Prionics acquires Pfizer’s animal health diagnostic products
10-05 Teachers Private Capital acquires Doane Pet Care
10-05 ChemChina acquires Adisseo from CVC Capital Partners
10-05 Novartis acquires Denagard (tiamulin) from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
10-05 Vance Publishing acquires Doane Agricultural Services
10-05 Trouw Nutrition acquires majority interest in Tenusa
9-06   Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for generic neomycin for treating livestock
9-06   IVX receives FDA approval for generic amprolium for treating calves
9-06   Bio-Medical Services launches Specialty Diet Food Test
9-06   Intervet receives USDA approval for PreveNile equine West Nile Virus vaccine
9-06   Biogal launches Canine VacciCheck and Feline VacciCheck diagnostic tests
9-06   Intervet receives EU approval for Nobilis Influenza vaccine for poultry
9-06   Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic lincomycin for swine
8-06   Sparhawk Labs receives FDA approval for generic gentamicin for mares
8-06   Altana receives FDA approval for generic topical ointment containing gentamycin, betamethasone, and clotrimazole for treating otitis externa in dogs
8-06   Intervet receives FDA approval for Zilmax (zilpaterol) for beef cattle
8-06   Nestle Purina PetCare launches Fortiflora Canine and Feline Nutritional Supplements with probiotics
8-06   Novartis launches Monocryl Plus Antibacterial monofilament suture
8-06   Farnam launches Equisect natural fly repellent
7-06   Intervet launches Continuum Feline HCP 3-year vaccine
7-06   Veterinary Diagnostics Institute launches Canine CardioCare test to detect heart disease in dogs
7-06   Med-Pharmex receives FDA approval for generic ivermectin paste for horses
7-06   Vetoquinol receives FDA approval for generic oxytetracycline for livestock
6-06   Merial launches Recombitek KC2 kennel cough vaccine
6-06   Avimex Animal Health licenses recombinant Newcastle disease technology from Mount Sanai School of Medicine to produce H5 influenza vaccine
6-06   Glovebrush launches Pets ToothBrush glove
6-06   Vetoquinol launches Azodyl nutrition supplement for dogs and cats with kidney disease
6-06   Imulan BioTherapeutics licenses global animal health rights to immune selective anti-inflammatory derivatives from SalPep BioTechnology
6-06   Phibro returns Bloat Guard (poloxalene) to the market
5-06   Sergeant’s Pet Care Products launches Nature’s Guardian natural pest control products for cats and dogs
5-06   Vets Plus launches Probios Dog Treats with probiotics
5-06   Farnam launches TapeCare Plus for treating tapeworms in horses
5-06   Bayer launches Drontal Plus Taste Tabs dewormer for dogs
5-06   Veterinary Products Laboratories launches Dog Appeasing Pheromone in collar form
5-06   Farnam launches the LTS Tag Recorder
4-06   Embrex receives USDA approval for its Inovocox coccidiosis vaccine
4-06   ViaGen partners with Encore Genetics to market commercial horse cloning services
4-06   Royal Canin launches diets for dogs and cats to prevent dental plaque and tartar formation
4-06   Bayer acquires US distribution rights for Datamars’ microchips and scanners
4-06   Elanco receives EPA approval for Elector Bait for fly control on livestock operations
4-06   Neogen adds the Jolt line of electric livestock prods and sorting equipment to its Ideal Instruments line
3-06   Virbac Corp launches CET Aquadent Dental breath-freshening additive for drinking water
3-06   Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic flunixin for horses and cattle
3-06   Farnam launches All Day Joint Care System for horses
3-06   PetAg launches DogSure and CatSure liquid food supplements
3-06   Wysong launches Addlife concentrated food supplement
3-06   Pfizer launches Improvac immunological boar taint product worldwide
3-06   IDEXX launches IDEXX/EBI Salmonella PCR test for horses
3-06   AgTech Products launches Avicorr natural feed and water additives
3-06   JAKKS Pacific launches White Bites dental treats
3-06   Intervet launches Continuum DAP-R 3-year canine vaccine with rabies
3-06   Alpharma launches PoultrySulfa triple-sulfa soluble powder for poultry
2-06   Merial launches IGENITY MultiMARK DNA profile
2-06   Novartis launches Vetspon absorbable hemostatic gelatin sponges for veterinary surgery
2-06   Veterinary Products Laboratories launches Duralactin Equine Joint Plus
2-06   Hartz launches UltraGuardplus Drops for cats for flea, flea egg, deer tick and mosquito control
2-06   Iams launches Tartar Treats for dogs
2-06   Abbott Animal Health launches the AlphaTrak handheld blood glucose monitor for dogs and cats
2-06   Neogen launches a detectable aluminum hub needle
2-06   Target launches LIFELong superpremium dog food
2-06   Merial launches IGENITY ParentMATCH MultiSIRE test
2-06   Abaxis launches the Equine Profile Plus with Electrolytes for its VetScan diagnostics
2-06   Pfizer launches Zylexis EHV immunomodulator for horses
1-06   Merial receives FDA approval for firocoxib for horses
1-06   Merial launches IGENITY TenderGENE DNA test
1-06   DermaPet launches TrizEDTA Plus, MalAcetic Otic AP and MalAcetic HC Wet Wipes
1-06   Dow AgroSciences receives USDA approval for its plant-based vaccine for Newcastle disease in chickens
1-06   Animal Profiling International launches a screening tool to detect cattle persistently infected with BVD
1-06   Synbiotics receives conditional USDA approval for its Flu DETECT diagnostic for avian influenza
1-06   Pan American Veterinary Laboratories launches Pythium immunotherapy for horses
1-06   Drew Scientific launches HEMAVET 950 hematology analyzer
1-06   Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica launches Diaque and Bovikalc supplements for cattle
1-06   Pulse Needlefree Systems and Intervet sign marketing agreement for Intervet to market Pulse products for beef and dairy cattle in the US
1-06   Nutramax Labs launches Oxtrin superoxide dismutase supplement for dogs
1-06   PRN Pharmacal launches Canine IgY Plus diarrhea treatment for dogs
1-06   Kaytee launches Nature’s Defense supplement-enhanced wild bird food
1-06   Schering acquires marketing rights to Phytopharm’s Phytopica skin and coat supplement for dogs
1-06   Nestle Purina PetCare launches Purina Veterinary Diets Dental Health diets for dogs and cats
1-06   Bioniche Animal Health launches Console Pet Loss Support System
1-06   Intervet launches Leventa once daily liquid thyroid supplement for dogs
1-06   A&G Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for generic phenylbutazone for horses
1-06   Abaxis launches VetScan VS2
1-06   Pets Best launches pet insurance
1-06   Universal Medical Systems launches Vet-MR Grande veterinary MRI system
12-05 Fort Dodge receives FDA approval for moxidectin in sheep
12-05 First Priority receives FDA approval for generic furosemide syrup for use in dogs
12-05 Central Garden & Pet acquires marketing and intellectual property rights to etofenprox from Shirlo
12-05 First Priority receives FDA approval for generic miconazole for use in dogs and cats
12-05 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic sulfadimethoxime for use in livestock
12-05 Vita-Flex launches Galloping Gourmet Elite Horse Treats
12-05 Omega Protein launches OmegaEquis fish oil supplement for horses
12-05 Ecolab launches Micro Fiber Dairy Towels
12-05 IDEXX launches NSAID monitoring panel for use with the VetTest
11-05 IDEXX launches VetTest Lactate Test
11-05 IDEXX launches SNAP Reader Bile Acids Test
11-05 GeneSentinel launches canine influenza test
11-05 Cross VetPharm receives FDA approval for generic tetracycline for use in livestock
11-05 DermaPet launches Malacetic EQ and Dermallay EQ Shampoos for horses
10-05 Schering-Plough receives FDA approval for Aquaflor (florfenicol) for use in fish
10-05 Merial acquires marketing rights for Imugene’s poultry productivity enhancing product
10-05 Merial launches IGENITY MultiMARK Dairy Selection Profile DNA test
10-05 Merial reintroduces clopidol anticoccidial for broilers to the market
10-05 Virtus Nutrition launches Strata G with Omega-3 Fatty Acids
10-05 Kent Feeds launches Rebound Plus supplements
10-05 NJ Phillips launches the Trigger-Lock Syringe
10-05 Pfizer launches Draxxin (tulathromycin) for cattle and swine
10-05 Synbiotics reintroduces Status-LH Canine and Feline ovulation timing test kits
10-05 Royal Canin launches Oral Sensitive 30 dental cat food
10-05 FIRSTRAX launched the Petnation Kodiak Air Insulated inflatable Doghouse
10-05 Bayer announced the European launch of Profender deworming spot-on for cats

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