The Experts in Animal Health

The merger of two major players in animal health and nutrition consultancy has created an industry presence with transatlantic reach and expertise.

Stonehaven Consulting has spent the last few years building a highly experienced team in Europe and expanding its client base of life science companies. The acquisition of US-based Brakke Consulting means that Stonehaven will now be able to expand that expertise across both Europe and the US.

“Stonehaven and Brakke share a common goal in serving clients in the Animal Health space,” said Brian Kopp, Partner at Stonehaven Consulting. “The combined experience of our team of experts, as well as an expanded range of capabilities and service offerings, will allow us to better meet the needs of an evolving industry in the largest animal health markets.”

The aim is to integrate all current Brakke consultants into Stonehaven international operations over the coming months, and to expand current US studies and consulting projects into international markets served by Stonehaven. It is anticipated that the transaction will close on or before the end of Q1.

“The combination of the two companies is a perfect fit for a consultancy with truly global reach and expertise,” said Ron Brakke, Founder and President of Brakke Consulting. “This will greatly increase the capacity and capability of both firms, and result in expanded services and geographical support for our clients.

“It will create a critical mass in areas of market studies, general consulting, executive search and other consulting services that will be hard for others to match.”

Ron Brakke will continue to act as a consultant with Stonehaven for at least a year after the merger.

“I am looking forward to helping Stonehaven become the leading consultancy in animal health around the world, and I am thrilled to be part of that vision.”

About Brakke Consulting

For over 30 years, Brakke Consulting has offered comprehensive solutions for the animal health industry, including market research, new business development, product evaluation, distribution strategies, and transaction assistance. The company is known for its multi-client market studies, providing strategic and timely information for the industry, and its customized recruiting services.

About Stonehaven Consulting

Stonehaven Consulting was founded in 2015 by George Gunn, former CEO of Novartis AH. The company is based in Switzerland and has a global client base consisting of life science companies. A small team of highly qualified and experienced individuals use their know-how and network to help companies set and exceed their strategic goals.


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