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Having deep insights into nearly every animal health product or service category, Brakke consultants can design highly actionable, custom market research studies for any animal health organization.

Brakke Consulting has extensive experience conducting both primary and secondary market research in the veterinary market, as well as in the pet owner and livestock producer segments. Our market research capabilities include online projects, telephone surveys, and in-depth focus groups to gather the information needed to make informed strategic decisions. We have one of the largest on-line veterinary panels

Brakke has completed landmark industry market research studies, including the Merck Veterinary Wellbeing Study, the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, the AVMA Pfizer Business Practices Study, and the AVMA Management and Behavior Study.

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"Brakke Consulting Animal Health News & Notes” provides a summary of relevant articles, as well as the Brakke Consulting Viewpoint on the news and major industry meetings. The newsletter is available at no charge to individuals involved in the animal health industry.
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