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The Companion Animal Veterinary Telehealth Landscape, October 2018

Telehealth and telemedicine are one of the hottest topics in human medicine. Over half of all human hospitals use some form of telehealth, and the leading telehealth provider boasts over 20 million subscribers. In the past few years, veterinary medicine has also seen the launch of telehealth providers aimed at connecting pet owners and veterinarians using new technologies.

What exactly is veterinary telehealth? Is it legal? Who are the companies offering telehealth services? How many veterinarians are already integrating telehealth into their practices, and how many are thinking about it? What kind of telehealth services do veterinarians want? How many pet owners are aware of these healthcare options, and are using them?

Brakke Consulting’s new report, The Companion Animal Veterinary Telehealth Landscape, answers these questions and more. The report includes:
• The evolution of veterinary telehealth
• A review of the regulations governing veterinary telehealth
• An overview of the players in the veterinary telehealth space
• A survey of nearly 450 companion animal veterinarians probing their awareness and use of veterinary telehealth, interest in using telehealth in the future, and the services they would desire in a telehealth platform.
• A survey of 500 pet owners probing their awareness and use of telehealth for pets, interest in telehealth and the ways in which they would use telehealth for their pets
• Thoughts on the future of veterinary telehealth

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