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At the end of April, we will move to a new platform to host and deliver our weekly News and Notes newsletter. If you are having trouble receiving our newsletter, please check below for manual instructions to whitelist our domain address to ensure that our mail gets to your inbox.

  • Outlook (Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203))
    Go to Home and in the menu box titled Delete, look for and then select  Junk >  Junk E-mail Options.  Click on the Safe Senders tab, click on the Add button. In the box, enter the domain addresses and then click OK. Then click Apply and finally OK.
  • Gmail (from
    In the Right Corner, click settings> See all settings. Along the tags at the top, click Filters and Blocked Addresses. Click the option to Create A New Filter. On the from line add  then click create filter. Leave all check boxes blank, and select Create Filter again.
  •  Apple  (iOS 15)
    From your laptop/computer, Select Mail Preferences from the menu bar in Mac OS X Mail- Click the Rules tab- Click Add Rule. -Type @ (These instructions will not work on an iPhone or iPad.)

 Corporate Email Systems
If you’re receiving your email at a corporate domain, you may need to contact your mail server admin to whitelist our new domain:

*If your email provider or version is not listed and the solutions above do not work, please check with your email provider or IT department.*

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